Splashtop high performance remote desktop solution is fully optimized NVIDIA GPU and AMD GPU. Now industrial / graphic designers, 3-D CAD/CAM engineers, and media / game / entertainment designers can access and run 3D design or HD Video editing applications on their powerful workstations from their iPads or tablets.

You would enjoy the freedom and flexibility of accessing your designs, blueprints, and full-motion animations with audio anywhere, any time. And, with Splashtop configurable shortcuts, you can easily customize overlays that provide intuitive touch device controls for actions like zoom and formatting.

Use Splashtop Business to Remotely Access 3D / CAD Workstations
Use Splashtop Business to Remotely Access 3D / CAD Workstations

Companies Keep Their Designs Secure, Behind Firewalls, With NO Risk of Data Leakage.

  • Architects access AutoCAD from building sites
  • Industrial designers access CAD programs from client offices
  • Manufacturing designers access product blueprints from manufacturing plants
  • Entertainment and game designers use video and animation programs from film stages

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