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Learn how to set up, start a remote access session, invite users, and manage your team.

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Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know about getting started with Splashtop Business Access, and all the tools and features at your disposal.

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Download Links

Find all download links for the Splashtop Business App and the Splashtop Streamer right here!

Knowledge Base using Splashtop Business Access

Knowledge Base

Find all Splashtop support articles on setting up and using Splashtop Business Access.

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How to Set Up Splashtop Remote Desktop

Get your computers set up for remote access in minutes with just a few simple steps.

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Splashtop Security Center

Your computers, network, and data are safe. See how Splashtop ensures your security.

Top 10 Trial FAQs

How do I set up Splashtop Business Access?

Setting up Splashtop is simple. All you need to do is download the Splashtop Streamer on the computers you want to remote into, and the Splashtop Business App on the devices you want to remote from. After that, you’re set! Check out our step-by-step guide on setting up Splashtop, or find all Splashtop Business Access download links.

How do I connect to a remote computer?

To initiate a remote connection, open the Splashtop Business App on your device to see your list of computers. Simply click on the computer you want to access to start the remote session. You’ll then see the screen of the remote computer on your device and be able to control it in real time.

How do I transfer files?

You can transfer files between the remote computer and your local device (Windows, Mac, and Android). The drag-and-drop functionality makes transferring files easy. During a remote session, click and hold on the file, drag it to the window of the remote computer screen, and release to transfer the file from your local device to the remote computer. You can also drag-and-drop files from the remote computer to your local device.

How do I print files from the remote computer?

No need to worry about needing a document that’s stored on a computer you don’t have in front of you! Splashtop lets you print files from a remote computer (Windows and Mac) onto your local printer. Be sure to check out our knowledge base article on remote printing with Splashtop to set up.

What is the Splashtop web console and what can I do with it?

The Splashtop web console is where you can manage your account, users, and devices. You can access it at You’ll be able to see your computers, group them, adjust user access permissions and security settings, and much more. Learn more about the Splashtop web console.

How do I group my computers?

If you have a lot of computers in your account, you can easily keep them organized by grouping them in the web console. That will allow you to view and sort computers by groups when using the web console or the Splashtop Business App. You can also adjust computer settings at the group level.

In the web console, go to Management > Grouping. From there you can create and manage groups. Learn more about computer grouping with Splashtop.

How do I set up two-step verification?

Two-step verification, or 2-factor authentication (2FA), is highly recommended to protect your devices and data. Once enabled, you will need an additional six-digit security code from an authenticator app, in addition to your Splashtop password, when logging in to your account. This prevents a hacker from accessing your account even if they acquire your username and password.

Watch our video on setting up two-step verification.

How does device authentication work?

For better security, all new devices that sign into your Splashtop account need to be authenticated via email. When you log into a new device for the first time, we will email you an authentication link. You will need to click on the link before you can log in successfully and start using the Splashtop Business App on that device.

Learn more about device authentication and how to adjust the feature’s settings.

What if I’m having difficulty connecting to a remote computer?

Difficulty connecting and dropped connections are not common. If you’re experiencing these issues, it may be due to low bandwidth or a congested network. Check out our support article on solutions to these issues.

What are the suggestions for getting the best performance during a remote desktop session?

The Splashtop Business App and Splashtop Streamer for Windows and Mac have multiple configurations that can improve a remote session's performance in regards to frame rate (FPS) and CPU loading. See what configurations can be set per platform to get the most out of your Splashtop experience.

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How S.J. Pockmire Uses Splashtop to Work from Home and Stay Productive

A case study about using remote desktop to work from home.

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