Rave Reviews


– MikeSmyrna

This app does it right!

After loading and struggling with 3 or 4 other remote PC control apps, I loaded up Splashtop. EUREKA! It worked right from the start, no hiccups, no problems. After 20+ years in network management I can tell you – this is how every app should work! Get Splashtop and your iPad becomes a network boss – no sweat.


– Rafa-C

Really good!

I had been looking for awhile for an app that would let me do what this app does. It is basically my desktop at my fingertips wherever I am. Really good and I travel internationally quite a bit!!


– Victor Sr

Really impressed.

This app goes above and beyond what I expected. This is my third app in an effort to connect from my Mac Book Pro to my PC at work. Really user friendly and easyily connects. I totally recommend this app.


– Breeoxd

Game changer!!

This app is amazing! Now I no longer have to spend time ” packing up” my computer onto drop box or box when I travel- I just leave my computer on and I can access everything, even photoshop! Love this!


– RMXSeven

Great app!!

Amazing app. I use this for work almost EVERY day. It’s great for power point presentations, where I can walk around the room, and see/control what the next slides are. Really recommend it, works better than the other controller apps, and works perfectly if you use your Mac as a basestation


– MAK25


I bought logmein and Splashtop, and I’ll choose Splashtop for streaming any day over logmein. You do have to lower the video quality but it streams perfectly to my idevices. Logmein wanted me to pay for a service along with buying their app. I’ll tell you the same thing I told logmein’s tech support, “goodbye logmein and hello Splashtop”


– FalconStormrider

Worth the price. I constantly find myself running back and forth to my computer during the day because as close as they get, smart devices aren’t as functional as my computer. Until now. Being able to access my computer through wifi is a blessing. I can stop hiding in my office and spend less time at my desk. I’m no longer running to do “just one quick thing” at my computer. This is the app that made my iPad purchase a sound investment rather than just a way to show pictures and play games.


– Clean Team

I love this.

I email a lot of work home and I love being to access my PC from my iPad allowing me to be wherever I want be to do my work at home. I have access to all the programs I need to get things done.


– MultiPrince

Absolutely Wonderful!!!!!

This app does exactly what it states, it mirrors my laptop and gives me everything I need to get the job done. Flash/JAVA etc. no problem. The controls are manageable and easy to navigate, and with continued use will become second nature. Thank You Splashtop. Highly recommend and more than worth the price.


– realitycheckinc

Beyond Awesome.

I’ve been using Splashtop for a year and it just gets better and better. I am a consultant and don’t have time to start up a laptop in the car between clients or even at a client. I carry my iPad and access my PC in the office anytime. How much do you owe me? I’ll check my QuickBooks file. You lost that Word file I emailed? Let me send it again. Wifi is perfect – no lag; 3G also works fine. I just leave my PC on whenever I travel – out of town or just the golf club.

Thank you Splashtop!


– jdcstephens

Great app!

Splashtop is great for working away from the office. I have a desktop set up to work on video editing and it allows me to keep my machine working without having to be there. great tool, thanks!


– Deathbr1ng3r

Excellent Ap.

Seamless integration from iPad to Win7pc. Excellent app for accessing java content on your iPad. Highly recommended.