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Beperkingen Van De Gratis Versie Van Teamviewer & Het Beste Alternatief

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Are you struggling with the limitations of TeamViewer’s free version? Free sounds good at first, but there are some serious disadvantages to the free version of TeamViewer. They won’t necessarily be solved by upgrading to an expensive TeamViewer commercial license, either. With Splashtop, you don’t have to blow your budget or compromise on quality. Read on to learn more.

TeamViewer offers a free version of their remote desktop software for personal use. While you can use the free version of TeamViewer to remotely control another computer, you won’t have access to several vital remote desktop features (like security updates or remote printing). And you definitely won’t be able to use it for work.

If you’re comparing TeamViewer free vs paid offerings, you’ll find the free version lacks key features offered in the paid, commercial version (not to mention other remote desktop solutions). We know it’s tempting to go for the free version of TeamViewer, but here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

TeamViewer Free Version Limitations

  • The free version is for personal use only. If TeamViewer suspects you are using it for commercial use, your connections will be blocked and you won’t be able to remotely access your computers.

  • The following features are unavailable in the free version: remote printing, blank screen, block remote input, and wake-on-LAN.

  • Lack of important security features including automatic security or feature updates.

  • Unable to add additional users.

  • Unable to access mobile devices to provide support.

  • Unable to access TeamViewer Tech Support via phone.

Imagine being in the middle of a project and getting locked out of your remote session! Not only is it frustrating, it’s downright disruptive. That’s unfortunately the experience of many TeamViewer free version users who have reported having their connections blocked for suspected commercial use.

Worse yet, some users have speculated that TeamViewer was trying to push them into buying a commercial license.

If you do need remote desktop software for commercial reasons, you shouldn’t be pushed into an expensive license. And you don’t have to be, there’s a better alternative.

TeamViewer Free Version Alternative – Splashtop

Like TeamViewer, Splashtop remote desktop software offers secure remote access to your devices from anywhere. What’s the difference? With Splashtop, you can get an annual subscription that will save you 50% to 75% per year when compared to TeamViewer – a much better value.

Splashtop also offers packages based on your specific needs. So, instead of settling for a limited free version of TeamViewer or an expensive commercial license, you’ll get a product designed for you that’ll save you money.

Splashtop offers four options depending on your needs:

  • Splashtop Business Access – for individuals and teams to access computers remotely from any device. Perfect for work from home.

  • Splashtop SOS – for IT, support, and help desks to provide attended and unattended support to any device.

  • Splashtop Remote Support – for MSPs for remote support and endpoint management.

  • Splashtop Enterprise – for an all in one end-user remote access and IT remote support solution.

If you’ve already tried to cancel your TeamViewer auto-renewal, you know that they require you to do so at least one month in advance, in writing. At Splashtop, we don’t trick our users into staying. With our hassle-free subscription management, you can turn off auto-renewal at any time with just one click.

Is this sounding too good to be true? Take a look at what Splashtop users have to say on peer-to-peer review sites like TrustRadius and G2.

“When I was using TeamViewer it would often kick me out of the software, but Splashtop has never done that. Also the price is great!” – Heather Klassen, Grey Owl Bookkeeping

If you want to learn more about how we stack up, read our full Splashtop vs TeamViewer comparison.
Don’t Settle For Less, Or Over Pay For TeamViewer – Try Splashtop Instead

Start a free trial of Splashtop today so you can find out why thousands of former TeamViewer users (from both the free and paid versions) have switched to Splashtop and never looked back.

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