Splashtop and Acronis – Eliminate the need to switch between multiple tools — do it all from the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud console.

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Welcome to Splashtop!

Splashtop Enterprise is a best-value, enterprise-class remote computer access solution and remote support tool. Use unattended anytime computer access to enable employees and students to work from home or IT to manage computers and provide support. Splashtop Enterprise also includes on-demand quick support tools for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices plus real time iOS remote screen viewing, SSO/SAML integration, and remote computer management capabilities.

Claim your free 2-month Splashtop Enterprise license

Create a Splashtop account and start your free trial! There is no commitment for signing up, and no credit card number is needed.

Step 2: Claim your Free License

Step 3: Enable the Integration

Login to the Acronis console, go to the Integrations menu and click on the Splashtop tile. If you don’t have an Acronis account, you can sign up for a trial and test the integration.

What IT Professionals Are Saying About Splashtop

“We recommend Splashtop for a variety of reasons: the cost, persistent client, enforced two-factor authentication, and user management for individual technicians.”

– Edward O’Dell, IT Support Specialist, Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences