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Schedule Remote Computer Access using Splashtop

For students to remotely access on-campus computers during scheduled time slots

Schedule open lab hours and specialized lab sessions where different groups of students can remotely access the same computer lab with Splashtop.

Use a centralized admin console to set up, manage, and monitor a schedule allowing access to permitted on-site computers at predetermined times.

Give temporary or restricted access to employees and manage employee shifts.

Utilize flexible settings, like the ability to force users to disconnect from remote computers when their scheduled time is up. Or "exclusive mode" which prevents remote users from connecting when someone is physically using the computer.

From Our Happy Customer

“Being able to schedule access to remote computer labs has changed the game. We’re excited that with Splashtop, we now have the tools to handle what higher-ed and K-12 would need for a successful remote learning semester. We’ve got the schedules all set, and we’re ready to roll.”

Chris Gilbert, Application Technical Analyst, College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts, Wayne State University


Available Exclusively on Splashtop Enterprise

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