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8 best TeamViewer alternatives | IT PRO

Splashtop was named one of the 8 best TeamViewer alternatives by IT PRO, praised for our security, seamless user experience, and broad device support.

IT Pro - 2022/10/05

Splashtop Business review | IT PRO

Splashtop was reviewed by IT PRO and given a score of 4.5 of 5 stars, for our affordability, attended and unattended access options, and overall user-friendly experience.

IT Pro - 2022/10/05

The Best Remote Access Software for 2022 | PCMag

Splashtop was named a best remote access software solution for 2022 by PC Mag, for having excellent performance, drag-and-drop file transfers work between different platforms, and very responsive customer service.

PC Magazine - 2022/09/23

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Restaurants Going Digital Require Technology That Always Works | Modern Restaurant Management | The Business of Eating & Restaurant Management News

In this Modern Restaurant Management exclusive, Splashtop discusses the need for remote support in modern restaurants that are going digital and require technology that always works

Modern Restaurant Management - 2022/09/22

MSP software landscape shifts amid consolidation, new tools

In a recent Tech Target article about the evolving MSP software market, Splashtop was named as a software provider that offers innovative licensing approaches, addressing MSPs' specific use cases or focus on vertical markets.

Tech Target - 2022/09/19

Best remote desktop software of 2022 | TechRadar

TechRadar recently released its list of top picks for best remote desktop software and named Splashtop as a powerful remote desktop with impressive features.

TechRadar - 2022/09/12

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2022

Splashtop Enterprise was named one of KMWorld Magazine’s Trend-Setting Products of the year, remarked to be a best-value, enterprise-class remote computer access solution and remote support tool for employees and students.

KMWorld Magazine - 2022/09/07

IT Business Podcast Episode 431: Splashtop, Now for MSPs

Splashtop Channel Chief, Justin Windsor talks to Marvin Bee of IT Business Podcast about augmented reality, on-demand support, and how to cut your costs up to 70%.

IT Business Podcast - 2022/09/07

IT Business Podcast Episode 427: Splashtop, Not Your Parent’s Remote Support Software

Splashtop channel chief, Justin Windsor talks to Marvin Bee of IT Business Podcast about how Splashtop customers can provide remote support as an MSP or a Help Desk Service with attended on-demand remote support.

IT Business Podcast - 2022/09/03

Splashtop’s State of Remote Support Market Trends

In this podcast, Julian Lee interviewed Justin Windsor, channel chief, about Splashtop’s recent research on the state of IT, and the importance of supporting IT with the right technology.

e-ChannelNews - 2022/08/22

Mark Lee, CEO Of Splashtop: Leading A Team That Surfs Tech Waves

In this interview with Journalist Karen Walker, Splashtop CEO, Mark Lee, talks about his how he got his start in tech, how Splashtop was founded and where the company is headed.

Forbes - 2022/08/01

Splashtop partners with Acronis to improve security for service providers

Splashtop and Acronis announce their integration partnership, bringing secure remote access and support to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, an all-in-one data and cybersecurity protection platform.

Help Net Security - 2022/07/08

Splashtop and Acronis Merge and Introduce Scalable Remote Support to Acronis’ Cyber Protect Cloud Solution

Splashtop and Acronis announce their partnership to alleviate downtime by enabling MSP technicians to access and take control of computers to troubleshoot and resolve issues directly from the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud console.

IT Security Wire - 2022/07/07

Splashtop teams with Acronis for remote security support

In this interview with CSO editor John Mello, Splashtop co-founder and executive vice president of product management, Thomas Deng, discusses Splashtop’s integration partnership with Acronis and beyond.

CSO - 2022/07/07

Hybrid Work Creates Help Desk Challenges

Remote support isn’t new, but recent research from Splashtop and ESG finds communications, technical hurdles, and skills shortages are making remote support harder for help desk teams supporting distributed employees.

ChannelPro Network - 2022/06/24

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #228 – What’s a Cassette?

Hosts are joined by Splashtop channel chief Justin Windsor to discuss that vendor’s 2022 State of Remote Support Market Trends Report and its disturbing stats on help desk technician burnout.

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast - 2022/06/17

How to Fix Common Data Security Mistakes

The damaging effects of cyber threats like malware, phishing, and ransomware on a small business can put sensitive and personal data of employees and customers at risk — not to mention vendors and everyone in the supply chain. Jerry Hsieh, head of security and compliance for Splashtop, offers tips to remedy common data security mistakes without adding headcount or much cost.

Security Today - 2022/06/08

IT workers face greater stress from remote issues

With in-person IT support now relatively rare, tech workers are under increasing pressure to support end-users and endpoint devices remotely — and they need better overall support and tools to do that, per Splashtop research findings.

Computerworld - 2022/05/31

Splashtop Named a Winner at the 2022 IT Europa Channel Awards

IT Europa recognizes Splashtop as the Vertical Application Solution of the Year, for an innovative project involving Internet of Things (IoT) Remote Support and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions.

Sales Tech Star - 2022/05/24

Winners of The IT Europa Channel Awards 2022 revealed

Splashtop wins the IT Europa Channel Award for Vertical Application Solution of the Year for an augmented reality use case with Peter Pane restaunts and Paniceus Systems.

IT Europa - 2022/05/20

Splashtop Enterprise enhancements improve technician and end user communication

Splashtop released a new feature set for Splashtop Enterprise, an all-in-one remote access and support solution, including Augmented Reality, technician collaboration, voice call, and IP whitelisting.

Help Net Security - 2022/05/20

Splashtop makes remote work easier with its remote access and support solution

Splashtop is introducing new features that enable more possibilities for secure remote work, simplify connection workflows and increase efficiency for help desk technicians and end users, according to the vendor.

KMWorld Magazine - 2022/05/19

Splashtop Enterprise enhancements improve technician and end user communication

Splashtop released a new feature set for Splashtop Enterprise that enables IT and help desk teams to remotely access, support and manage any device with unattended and attended support.

IT Security News - 2022/05/19

Splashtop Releases Enhancements to Its All-In-One Secure Remote Access and Support Solution

Splashtop Enterprise now enables end users to request help right from a desktop icon and talk live with technicians during a troubleshooting session, as well as other features like RDP connectivity and mobile camera sharing enhanced with AR.

Global Security Mag - 2022/05/19

Undue stress, burnout prevalent in IT support teams

A poll from Splashtop revealed that 67% of respondents had IT support goal challenges stemming from the ongoing cybersecurity workforce shortage and increasing workloads.

SC Magazine - 2022/05/19

65% Of IT Help Desk Suffers Excessive Stress, Burnout

IT help desk teams are forced to maintain their IT support objectives due to workload and staff shortages within the sector.

TechNewsDay - 2022/05/18

65% of IT help desk teams report unsustainable levels of stress

According to a recent report from Splashtop, IT help desk teams are reporting unsustainable levels of stress.

IT Security News - 2022/05/18

65% of IT help desk teams report unsustainable levels of stress

According to a Splashtop report, 65% of IT help desk teams throughout the U.S are reporting an increase in the number of team members reporting unsustainable levels of stress.

Help Net Security - 2022/05/18

Five Ways to Combat IT Burnout [lead story, part of State of Remote Support Research]

Critical IT and help desk staff continue to grapple with high stakes cyberthreats while trying to maintain business continuity in a distributed workforce. In this article, Phil Sheu, Splashtop Co-Founder and CTO, discusses how businesses can combat burnout and retain essential IT talent.

Digital CxO - 2022/05/18

ICYMI: Our Channel News Roundup for the Week of May 16th

The new edition of Splashtop Enterprise includes an SOS Call app (think remote support “easy button”), instant transitions to voice calling during support sessions, a new AR feature, and more.

ChannelPro Network - 2022/05/16

65% of IT help desk teams dealing with excessive stress, burnout

A new report from Splashtop shows that IT support is under a great deal of pressure when it comes to working through support tickets for a number of reasons.

TechRepublic - 2022/05/16

65% Of IT Help Desk Teams In The U.S. Report Unsustainable Levels Of Stress And Burnout

Splashtop’s State of Remote Support Market Trends Report reveals that organizations are challenged with maintaining IT support goals, hiring, retention and skills shortage.

HRTech Series - 2022/05/12

Splashtop’s 2022 State of Remote Support Market Trends Report

Splashtop’s 2022 State of Remote Support Market Trends Report found that the rapid shift to a fully remote and now distributed workforce came at a cost: 65% of IT help desk teams in the U.S. report an increase in stress to unstainable levels.

ChannelPro Network - 2022/05/09

Repelling A Ransomware Attack: Jerry Hsieh of Splashtop On The 5 Things You Need To Do To Protect Yourself Or Your Business From A Ransomware Attack

Jerry Hsieh, head of security and compliance for Splashtop, discusses tips for SMBs to avoid a ransomware attack in an interview with journalist, Tyler Gallagher.

Authority Magazine - 2022/04/26

4 Ways to Transform Retail Tech Support – Retail TouchPoints

In this article in Retail Touchpoints, we share how retailers can user remote IT support and augmented reality (AR) to help minimize technology downtime.

Retail TouchPoints - 2022/04/25

It’s time for SMBs to protect against ransomware

Jerry Hsieh, Head of Security and Compliance for Splashtop, shares common security mistakes made by small and medium-sized businesses, and how to fix them.

Security Magazine - 2022/04/08

The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work: Michelle Burrows Of Splashtop On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together

Michelle Burrows, CMO at Splashtop, discusses how employers and employees are reworking work together, in an interview with author and keynote speaker, Karen Mangia.

Authority Magazine - 2022/04/05

NCSS Technology Director Adam Phyall wins national award

An education customer is honored with a Best Implementation of Digital Curriculum Award, naming Splashtop as a part of the solution.

The Citizen (Rockdale and Newton Counties) - 2022/04/04

Addressing Remote Desktop Attacks and Security

Splashtop is reviewed and recommended as one of the secure remote desktop solutions.

eSecurity Planet - 2022/03/25

Splashtop Business review

Splashtop is reviewed and recommended as an affordable and capable remote desktop solution.

ITProPortal - 2022/02/28

Are You Less Stressed in Your Job Thanks to Remote Working?

New research from Splashtop suggests a third of IT leaders feel less stressed due to flexible technologies.

DIGIT - 2022/01/12

A Third of It Leaders Feel Less Stressed at Work Thanks to Remote Technologies

IT leaders anticipated a variety of challenges, but two fifths still say their job is more enjoyable with flexible technologies.

Business Matters - 2022/01/12

Remote Access Tech and It Leaders Stress Levels

One in four believe flexible working is only going to get more complex - but what is the impact at present?

BusinessCloud - 2022/01/12

Remote Access Technologies Reduce Stress on It Leaders

Flexible remote access technologies have led to a third of IT leaders feeling less stress at work.

Enterprise Times - 2022/01/12

Remote Access Technologies Are Reducing the Burden on It Staff

IT staff are less stressed at work thanks to remote access tech.

ITPro Portal - 2022/01/12

It Teams Give Remote Tech the Thumbs Up, but Worry about Extra Work

With people continuing to work from home, remote access technologies have become key tools in supporting a hybrid workforce.

Computer Weekly - 2022/01/12

UK Workers Unprepared for Home Working

Surveys find that IT enjoys flexible technologies while remote employees emphasize a need for ease-of-use.

HRreview - 2022/01/12

Remote Access Tech and It Leaders Stress Levels

According to a new study by Splashtop, one-third of IT leaders reduce work stress thanks to flexible technology. - 2022/01/11

Splashtop Research Reveals That a Third of It Leaders Feel Less Stressed at Work Thanks to Remote Access Technologies

New research from Splashtop finds that IT anticipates challenges with being able to support both remote workers and office workers.

UK Tech News - 2022/01/11

What Happens When Bricks and Mortar Has a Tech Disorder

Splashtop offers suggestions on how retail organizations can protect their technology investments in this article.

SalesTech Star - 2022/01/06

How to Get Tech Support for Gifts During the Holidays

What are the keys to good tech support? This AARP article calls out Splashtop as a personal favorite.

AARP - 2022/01/03

How To Right Click In Splashtop

This article in Alphr offers some good tips on how to use Splashtop.

Alphr - 2022/01/03

The 7 Best Tools to Help You Improve Your Work-Life Balance

What are the best tools to improve work-life balance? Splashtop makes the list.

MUO - 2021/12/22

Winter Is Coming: Why Businesses That Fail to Prepare for Flexible Work Should Prepare to Fail

With winter fast approaching, our EMEA GM, Alexander Draajier, explains how organizations can adopt a remote-first approach

ITProPortal - 2021/12/15

Hybrid Work Is Dead, Long Live “Work”

Our CEO, Mark Lee, shares Splashtop’s predictions for 2022 in this Help Net Security article

Help Net Security - 2021/12/14

The Hidden Work Behind Great In-Store Tech

Read this article from Splashtop's Lisa Avvocato on the hidden work behind great in-store tech.

Advertising Week - 2021/12/07

Stress and Hybrid Work for IT Teams

On National Stress Awareness day, Splashtop Inc.'s Alexander Draaijer shares thoughts on helping IT navigate hybrid work.

IT Supply Chain - 2021/11/02

CSuite Podcast – Unicorn Interview – Mark Lee – Splashtop

Splashtop’s CEO, Mark Lee, sat down for an interview on the CSuite Podcast’s Unicorn Series to discuss the company’s journey to becoming a unicorn.

the csuite podcast - 2021/10/20

Channel Chief Interview – Justin Windsor

Justin Windsor, Splashtop’s new Channel Chief for the Americas, recently sat down with eChannel News to discuss his career and his plans for growing Splashtop’s channel business.

e-ChannelNews - 2021/09/29

5 Channel Partner Programs and MSP News Updates: 15 September 2021

Splashtop, a developer of remote access and remote support software, has hired Justin Windsor as channel chief for the Americas.

ChannelE2E - 2021/09/15

Leaders Prepare for Hybrid-Work Models ‘Ensuring Everyone Is in the Loop’

Digiday highlights the Splashtop Student Survey on the future of learning.

Digiday - 2021/08/09

How to Remote Print with Splashtop explains how easy it is to remote print with Splashtop remote access software.

Alphr - 2021/08/06

Channel Chiefs, Partner Programs, and Strategic Alliances features Splashtop MSP Council

Splashtop, a developer of remote access and remote support software, has formed an MSP Advisory Council including key advisors from HCS Technology Group, goCloudOffice, Jones IT, Rhino Network Solutions, TenisiTech, and Fast Break Tech.

ChannelE2E - 2021/03/26

Splashtop Raises Additional $15M In Funding

Splashtop Inc., a San Jose, CA-based next-generation remote access and remote support company, raised an additional $15m in funding, closing its funding round at 65M. The company intends to use the funds to accelerate global expansion by amplifying the brand, attracting talent, and expanding its enterprise presence. - FINSME - 2021/03/11

Splashtop Completes ‘Unicorn Funding’ With An Additional $15m From Existing Investors

Splashtop Inc. a next-generation remote access and remote support firm, has secured an additional $15m from existing investors Sapphire Ventures, Storm Ventures, NEA, and DFJ DragonFund. - Business Leader UK

Business Leader - 2021/03/10

5 Tips To Improve Your Work-from-home Setup

Angus Connal from TMCnet recommends Splashtop Business Access among the tools needed when setting up a home office. - 2021/03/10

Splashtop Wades In 15 M In Additional Funding

Splashtop Inc, a provider of next-generation remote access and remote support software, has secured 15 million in funding – Venture Capital Journal

Venture Capital Journal - 2021/03/10

Splashtop Among The Best Remote Access Software For Mobile Workers

Jane McCallion from ITPro, recommends Splashtop as one of the best remote access software in the industry.

IT Pro - 2021/03/04

MSPs And 2021 Work From Home Opportunities

In this article from the XAAAS journal, Sunpoint IT Solutions says many MSPs have chosen to use Splashtop since it is generally easy to use, often cheaper than buying new office networking hardware, and allows the employee to work without their untrusted home PC touching the network.

XaaS Journal - 2021/02/16

How Do I Select a Remote Access Solution for My Business?

Several remote access security experts including Splashtop's Jerry Hsieh, share insights on what to look for in a secure remote access solution.

Help Net Security - 2021/02/08

Splashtop: $50 Million Funding And Over $1 Billion Valuation

"Splashtop — an emerging leader in next-generation remote access and remote support — announced it has raised $50 million in funding. And the company has received a valuation of over $1 billion." - Amit Chowdhry, Pulse 2.0

Pulse 2.0 - 2021/02/06

How to Control Your Computer from Your Phone with a Remote Desktop Tool like Splashtop

Michael Crider from Digital Trends, explains how remote desktop tools can help users control their computers from their phone and recommends Splashtop among the best professional options.

Digital Trends - 2021/02/03

New Unicorn Splashtop Announces $50m in Funding

Polly Harrison from The Fintech Times, features Splashtop’s unicorn announcement.

The Fintech Times - 2021/02/01

IBR News on Splashtop Achieving USD 1 Billion Unicorn Valuation

“Remote-desktop software company Splashtop has been valued at USD 1 billion after closing a USD 50 million financing round. The company, which has been profitable since 2015, has a current growth rate of 160% and profits of 60%” - IBR News - 2021/01/29

Splashtop lève 50 M$ pour s’imposer dans l’accès à distance

“L'explosion du télétravail propulse Splashtop sur la scène européenne.”- Maryse Gros, Le Monde Informatique

Le Monde Informatique - 2021/01/28

The Funded: A New $4B VC Fund And 25 Bay Area Startup Deals At Midweek

The Business Journal highlights Splashtop in the top 25 bay area startups deals in the last week of January 2021.

Silicon Valley Business Journal - 2021/01/27

Private Equity Wire On Splashtop Becoming Latest Tech Company to Achieve Unicorn Status

“Splashtop, a remote access and remote support company, has closed a USD50 million financing round that takes its valuation above the USD1 billion mark”- Private Equity Wire

Private Equity Wire - 2021/01/27

Axios Pro Rata Newsletter Top Of The Morning Venture Capital Highlights Splashtop

“Splashtop, a San Jose, Calif-based remote access and support platform for businesses, raised $50 million at a $1 billion valuation. Sapphire Ventures led, and was joined by Storm Ventures, NEA and DFJ DragonFund” -

Axios - 2021/01/27

Splashtop lève 50 millions de dollars avec un taux de croissance de 160%

“Contrairement à la grande majorité des licornes qui ignorent les pertes financières tout en poursuivant une forte croissance, Splashtop est rentable depuis 2015. Le taux de croissance actuel de l'entreprise de 160% et les bénéfices de 60% représentent des niveaux de performance exceptionnels.”

InfoDSI - 2021/01/27

Splashtop Lève 50 Millions De Dollars Pour Se Développer Dans L’ère Post-Covid

“En 2020, Splashtop a développé sa présence mondiale, en réalisant d’importants investissements en Europe, avec l'ouverture d'un siège à Amsterdam et l'inauguration d'un datacenter en Allemagne. ” - ITRSoftware

ITRSoftware - 2021/01/27

Splashtop Rakes In $50m

In its News Briefs, the Venture Capital Journal highlights Splashtop’s 50 million investment pushing its valuation to 1 billion and making Splashtop a unicorn.

Venture Capital Journal - 2021/01/27

Silicon Valley-based Splashtop Raises €41.3M; Here’s How This New US Unicorn Plans To Conquer Europe From Amsterdam

After an interview with Splashtop’s Alexander Draaijer, Rahul Raj, from the Silicon Canals explains how Splashtop’s European HQ in Amsterdam plays a vital role in its post unicorn growth strategy.

Silicon Canals - 2021/01/27

Fortune TermSheet Jan 27 2021 Highlights Splashtop Unicorn’s Announcement

"Splashtop, a San Jose, Calif.-based remote support company, raised $50 million, valuing it at over $1 billion. Sapphire Ventures led the round and was joined by investors including NEA, DFJ DragonFund, and Storm Ventures” - Fortune TermSheet Jan 27, 2021

FORTUNE - 2021/01/27

Splashtop Announces $50m In New Funding – And Achieve Coveted $1bn Valuation

Barney Cotton from the UK Business Leader journal covers highlights the Splashtop Unicorn story.

Business Leader - 2021/01/27

Splashtop lève 50 millions de dollars pour sa gamme de solutions cloud d’accès à distance

“L’entreprise californienne Splashtop a annoncé ce 27 janvier une levée de fonds de 50 millions de dollars. Ce tour de table a été mené par Sapphire Ventures (sorti du giron de l’Allemand SAP en 2011) et il inclut les investisseurs historiques comme NEA, DFJ DragonFund et Storm Ventures.” - Aude Chardenon, L'Usine Digital

L'Usine Digitale - 2021/01/27

San Jose Remote Access Business Splashtop Joins Unicorns With First Funding In 10 Years

Cromwell Schubart from the Business Journal, shares takeaways from his interview with Splashtop’s CEO on the company’s journey to unicorn status.

Silicon Valley Business Journal - 2021/01/27

Splashtop Raises $50M In Funding, Achieves $1 Billion Valuation

Finsmes highlights Splashtop Unicorn announcement in its Venture Capital Deals and News. - 2021/01/27

Splashtop Pivots To Unicorn Status – Crunchbase News

Chris Metinko from Crunchbase News provides key insights into Splashtop long road to Unicorn Status.

Crunchbase - 2021/01/27

Splashtop Secures $50 Million To Expand Its Remote Access Platform In The Enterprise – VentureBeat

Paul Sawers from Venturebeat explains what Splashtop’s unicorn announcement means for lager enterprises and the “Anywhere Access” trend.

VentureBeat - 2021/01/27

Splashtop haalt 50 miljoen dollar aan nieuwe financiering binnen en bereikt unicorn-status

“Splashtop wordt nieuwste tech unicorn met opvallende winstcijfers en hoge klanttevredenheid.” - Persberichten - 2021/01/27

Splashtop verovert Europa vanuit Amsterdam

Computable spreekt Alexander Draaijer, algemeen directeur voor de EMEA-regio, over de groeiambities van het bedrijf.

Computable - 2021/01/27

Digital Trends Ranks Splashtop Among the Best Remote Desktop Software for 2021

Caleb Clark from Digital Trends reviews and ranks the best remote access software for 2021. Splashtop makes the list and is highlighted as the most flexible remote desktop provider.

Digital Trends - 2021/01/15

Splashtop Listed Among The Top Best Remote Desktop Software Of 2021 By TechRadar

TechRadar lists Splashtop among its top 3 best remote desktop software to try in 2021.

TechRadar - 2021/01/07

How Splashtop Helps Tech Support This Holiday Season

Marc Saltzman from USA today shares how Splashtop and other remote software are the best solutions for tech support on holiday gifts.

USA Today - 2020/12/27

How iPad Users Can Leverage Splashtop to Transform Their iPad into A Second Monitor

Justin Meredith from AppleToolBox, explains how Splashtop can be used to transform any iPad into a second monitor for Windows computers.

IT Pro - 2020/12/15

Splashtop For Remote Labs: A Timely Solution in the Era of Remote Learning

Edtech Digest describes how Splashtop for Remote Labs enables universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools to optimize the use of their computer lab resources while enabling more users to remotely access lab-based Mac and Windows computers and software using any personal computing device.

EdTech Digest - 2020/11/16

Splashtop Survey Reveals That Student Access to On-campus IT Is Critical for Online Learning Success

Jacqueline Renfrow from Fierce Education, shares the Splashtop Survey results and what it means for e-learning efficiency in higher education.

Fierce Education - 2020/11/16 Reviews and Highlights Splashtop Among the Best Remote PC Access Software of 2021

Aside from Splashtop's multiple authentication requirements, Splashtop emerged as a clear winner for being user friendly and providing an uncluttered, streamlined interface. - 2020/11/13

Splashtop Survey Results Indicate How Educational Institutions Can Make Distance Learning An Effective Option

TecHRseries highlights Splashtop Global Education survey results and key insights on what it means for education in a remote learning environment.

TecHRseries - 2020/11/11

Splashtop Ranked Among the Best Remote Desktop Software to Replace TeamViewer

Beebom reviews the 12 best TeamViewer alternatives and ranks Splashtop in the top 3 remote desktop software to use as a replacement for TeamViewer due to its low cost.

Beebom - 2020/11/09

Splashtop Business the Remote Desktop Manager That You Need to Have?

James Sterling from ProClockers and TechStalkers, recommends Splashtop as the best remote desktop software for maximizing productivity when working from home.

ProClockers - 2020/10/22

Six Weeks Into The Semester, (Some) Students Finally Get Critical Software Access thanks To Splashtop For Remote Labs

In this article from the Guardsman, Wilson sheds and others shed light on their experience of using Splashtop to remotely connect to campus computers to access necessary softwares.

The Guardsman - 2020/10/12

Working From Home 101: Splashtop And Other essential Tools For Telecommuting

ZDNet recommends Splashtop among the top must-have tools for optimal team productivity and collaboration.

ZDNet - 2020/10/12

RW Networks Help Desk Now Features An Award-Winning Remote Access Technology: Splashtop SOS

RW Networks praises Splashtop for making their remote support simple with Splashtop SOS.

RW ​​Networks Inc. - 2020/10/07

When COVID-19 Shutters Your Computer Labs, Splashtop is Here to Help

Christopher Gilbert from eCampus News explains how Splashtop is providing students with remote access to crucial on-campus computer labs.

eCampus News - 2020/10/07

How to create an A+ space for learning at home

In this article from USA Today, Marc Saltzman explains how Splashtop Wired XDisplay and other essential gear can make a virtual back to school very functional.

USA Today - 2020/08/20

How 2 campuses share Splashtop remote access software with students

In this article from University Business, Matt Zalaznick shares how Wayne State University and Portland Community College used Splashtop to allows arts and engineering students to do hands-on projects from home.

University Business - 2020/08/20

Adapting to a crisis: How Portland Community College harnessed Splashtop to combat a pandemic

Kate Chester, Director of Public Relations & Community Engagement at Portland Community College explains how her community college IT department contracted with Splashtop for cloud-based remote access capability to enable remote learning in the spring and beyond.

Portland Business Journal - 2020/08/20

Gray Television Relies Entirely on Cloud Technology like Splashtop for Managing all its Workflows and Shows

In this article from TVN Tech Jennifer Pallanich explains how stations like Gray Television rely on Splashtop for continuing to remotely create and produce broadcast content like never before.

TVNewsCheck - 2020/07/28

What Wayne State Is Giving Their Students to Make It Through Fall Semester

Ellen Chamberlain from the Gander newsroom explains how Wayne State University has partnered with Splashtop to provide its students with remote access to 300 on-campus computers.

The Gander - 2020/06/30

Serendipity Lost, Serendipity Gained: How We’re Dealing With Virtual Workplaces

Joe McKendrick from Forbes refers to the Splashtop WFH survey results & it's meaning for virtual workplaces.

Forbes - 2020/06/30

Splashtop among the Top 21 Tools To Help You Work Remotely

Andriy Bas, CEO & Co-founder at UP TECH recommends Splashtop as a handy remote desktop tool for working remotely.

Uptech, Inc. - 2020/06/08

Expert tips on how to effectively work from home during COVID-19 pandemic

In this article from VPNranks, Abdul Rehman shares some WFH Tips from Splashtop CEO Mark Lee and other experts in the field. - 2020/05/18

How to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this article from London Loves business, John Saunders recommends Splashtop among the top needed tools to enable businesses to work from home efficiently.

LondonlovesBusiness - 2020/05/13

Splashtop – An Indispensable Business Apps for Android Devices

iGeek recommends Splashtop as a must-have app for any Android devices used for business. - 2020/05/11

With Splashtop – Use your tablet as a second screen. For Free!

PC Support Midlands explains how pc users can transform cellphones and tablets into additional PC monitors by using Splashtop Wired XDisplay.

PC Support Midlands Ltd - 2020/05/11

Splashtop – Top 3 best remote control software for Windows 10 reviews and names Splashtop as the top 3 best remote control software for Windows 10. - 2020/05/11

Splashtop helps build a temporary hospital in Bristol, England

To build a pop-up COVID19 facility, BDP architects remotely accessed in-studio computers with Splashtop Business Access.

Bristol24/7 - 2020/05/08

ChannelPro SMB Forum Awards – Splashtop voted Best New Solution

The online ChannelPro SMB Forum aimed at helping MSPs and IT solution providers build an action plan for surviving—and thriving—in these uncertain times. At the end of the event, attendees of the forum voted and selected Splashtop as the best new solution.

ChannelPro Network - 2020/05/07

Christian broadcasters in Delaware using Splashtop to stay on the radio

Bill Sammons from the Bill Sammons & Denise Harper show explains how he used Splashtop remote access software to access Wide Orbit at his radio station to continue broadcasting his show. - 2020/05/07

IT Pro on the best remote access software

IT Pro identifies Splashtop among the best remote access solutions that make it easier for staff to work remotely, and for IT to support them, without losing productivity.

IT Pro - 2020/05/07

Bruceb News Shares Splashtop Remote Tips – Dual Monitors & Blurry Displays

Bruceb Consulting identifies Splashtop as the most popular product for remote access and shares tips on how to get started quickly.

Bruceb News - 2020/04/21

Why Splashtop Could Be The Answer To All Of Your IT Support Needs

Support Midlands explains why Splashtop is the best remote access software solution out there: “it’s a sharp, reliable and affordable solution that is highly regarded among 99% of its users.”

PC Support Midlands - 2020/04/21

Bridging the gap between users and technologies during the covid19 pandemic

The Union Journal shares that to bridge the gap between users and technologies that enable teleworking, Splashtop is offering generous discounts on its remote access software.

The Union Journal - 2020/04/16

John Marx, AIA, on potential impacts of COVID-19

In an article with AIA, John Marx highlights how he and 41 other colleagues have been able to work right from the office PC using Splashtop.

AIA - 2020/04/16

Splashtop Review from TechRadar Pro

In this review, Daniel Blechynden from TechRadar, analyzes Splashtop as one of the world’s most popular remote access solutions.

TechRadar - 2020/04/07

The New Normal: Life in the Age of Coronavirus

Patrick Evans, KESQ News Channel 3 meteorologist, uses Splashtop to connect to the weather system from his own laptop at home.

Coachella Valley Weekly - 2020/04/01

10 Software Categories in High Demand to Support Remote Work

Splashtop listed as the top 2 most in demand software for supporting WFH by G2.

G2 Research Hub - 2020/04/01

The Entrepreneurial Way: How to Work from Home

Aside from a high speed internet connection and your computer, smartphone, and printer, technology like Splashtop is what makes working from home possible. - 2020/04/01

10 Apps Every Work At Home Parent Needs

Splashtop is listed among the top 10 productivity apps working parents need. - 2020/04/01

COVID19 – Towns Searching for WFH Options

In Seaside Heights, thanks to Splashtop, Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz was able to allow employees to recreate their workplace computer desktops at home, while guarding against hacking with encryption, verification and other cyber security measures.

NJ Advance Media - 2020/04/01

Indy IT company seeks to help Indiana’s small businesses move to remote work

Indy IT, an IT consulting firm, is using Splashtop in real-time to help clients with their systems, and also helped to get them ready to work from home before the crisis hit.

Indianapolis News - 2020/04/01

How BDP is keeping the business running during lockdown

In this Q&A, Alistair Kell, principal: IT and process at BDP, explains how Splashtop help his firm get 1,350 staff working remotely in just 48 hours amid the coronavirus crisis.

BIM+ - 2020/03/27

Tech tools for small firms forced into home working

Adrian Weckler lists Splashtop among the 10 must-have tools for small firms forced into remote work.

Belfast Telegraph Digital - 2020/03/27

Software and Apps for Working at Home

Annie Pillon from Small Business Trends, recommends Splashtop among the top software programs to efficiently work from home.

Small Business Trends - 2020/03/27

BBC News Interviewed Splashtop on Enabling Work from Home

Splashtop CEO Mark Lee was recently a guest on BBC’s World Business Report. He joined other business leaders, discussing the global WFH / Work from Home trend.

BBC - 2020/03/24

Sabbar: Working and voting from home

Kenoshanews highlights Splashtop as a great solution to enable WFH for small businesses.

Kenoshanews - 2020/03/24

Tips for Architects Working At Home during COVID-19

This article shares an interesting view on how COVID19 has affected architects and how Splashtop can enable architects to maintain their workflow during the COVID19 crisis.

Archdaily - 2020/03/24

Helping your fleet work from home

Fleetworld emphasizes the importance of putting in place the right infrastructure to enable employees to work from home. Technology is the answer, and Splashtop plays a key role in it.

Fleet World - 2020/03/24

How to Set Up a Second Screen When Working from Home

In this article from, Jack Turner highlights Splashtop as a reliable tool to extend tablets as a second screen. - 2020/03/24

Remote Working Guide for Lawyers as Further Movement Restrictions Loom

The Law Society Information Technology association recommends Splashtop as one of the best affordable tools to implement a Working from Home infrastructure.

The Law Society of Ireland - 2020/03/24

9 Essential Pieces of Tech for Effective Remote Working

TechRadar highlights Splashtop as a great way to help businesses transition from the corporate office to the home office.

TechRadar - 2020/03/18

How to survive and thrive while working from home

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols recommends Splashtop for remote workers looking for a remote desktop solution. He also provides overall insight on how to set up an efficient WFH workspace.

Computer World - 2020/03/18

Coronavirus crisis: 10 tech tools for small firms forced into home working by Covid-19

In this article from Independent.i.e., Adrian Weckler lists Splashtop as one of 10 must-have WFH tools for small businesses - 2020/03/18

Splashtop Expands Availability of Remote Access Software in Response to Coronavirus

This press release from TecHR Series covers what Splashtop is doing to help during the COVID19 crisis.

TecHR Series - 2020/03/18

Working from Home 101

This article explores how to set up a productive WFH workspace, and one of the first tools you will need when setting up your WFH workspace is remote access software like Splashtop.

Medium - 2020/03/18

Free Software and Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

Below is a roundup of all the free upgrades to services and software licenses offered during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

BleepingComputer - 2020/03/18

29 Free Resources to Help You Work Remotely

Kristin Wilson mentions Splashtop, among many others, as one of the best resources to work remotely.

Medium - 2020/03/18

COVID-19 Puts Company Cultures to the Test

In this article from CMS Wire, Dom Nicastro writes about how companies like Splashtop Inc. are handling the new normal forced upon them by COVID-19.

CMS Wire - 2020/03/13

Splashtop: “The Best Remote PC Access Software of 2020”

In this review, names Splashtop, the best remote PC Access Software of 2020. Aside from “Splashtop's multiple authentication requirements, the software is easy to use and provides an uncluttered, streamlined interface,” said Skye Schooley from - 2020/01/15

Splashtop Updates Mirroring360 for Large Deployments

Splashtop has launched Mirror Assist and an update to Mirroring360 designed to help larger schools more easily implement and manage the screen sharing solution.

T.H.E. Journal - 2015/02/12

Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360: Screen Sharing the Way it Should Be

Splashtop is a service that allows for all sorts of screen sharing. Want to show your iPad screen on your projector? Want to control your desktop computer from you iPad? Want your students to be able to control your desktop? How about having your students share their screens with the class. With Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 all of this is possible, regardless of what classroom devices you have.

The Ed Tech Round Up - 2014/10/25

“If we can make learning fun and fuel our children’s natural curiosity, we’ve already taken a giant step forward.” – Thomas Deng, USA

Here at Daily Edventures, we’re always excited to share new apps that have the potential to transform the 1:1 classroom experience, and our announcement today with Splashtop Inc. makes us very excited indeed. The Splashtop Whiteboard app, built on top of the Splashtop Remote Desktop, now turns any Windows 8 device into an interactive whiteboard. And we’re fortunate to have Splashtop co-founder Thomas Deng with us today to talk about what this app does, and what inspired its creation.

dailyedventures - 2014/04/29

Amazon Fire TV has games, yet is somehow “absolutely not a game console”

A PR email about the Fire TV excitedly states "The affordable $99 media streaming box beats out Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast for serious gamers because it comes preloaded with Splashtop to enable 3D gaming /remote desktop to TVs. For $39 you can get the ultimate gaming controller for an even better gaming experience…. Watch out game consoles!" Yes, Amazon made a special controller for the Fire TV that's aimed squarely at gamers, with the familiar XYAB button configuration with a D-pad and twin joystick layout that mirrors the 360 controller.

GamesRadar - 2014/04/04

Bring Your PC with You: Splashtop® Remote Desktop Application Bonus Offer with AMD Radeon™ Rewards

At AMD, we’re committed to enabling the best possible PC experiences, and today, we’re helping you bring your desktop PC experience with you on-the-go. Recently, Splashtop® announced that their Splashtop Streamer application is now optimized for select AMD Radeon™ GPUs and APUs, allowing users to stream content, such as games and videos, from their AMD-powered desktop PCs with super low latency.

AMD Blogs - 2014/03/27

Windows XP migration tools help IT ward off upgrade hassles

How IT can offset the hassle of #WindowsXP migration. @splashtopchief speaks out @DianaHwangTT @techtarget

Search Consumerization Techtarget - 2014/03/11

App delivery techniques: Leverage #virtualization & web-based apps with @Splashtop

App delivery techniques: Leverage #virtualization & web-based apps with @Splashtop @techtarget

Search Consumerization Techtarget - 2014/02/26

10 iOS biz apps topping the #AppStore: @Splashtop allows users to access both Windows & Mac from #iOS device

10 iOS biz apps topping the #AppStore: @Splashtop allows users to access both Windows & Mac from #iOS device @eweek

eWeek - 2014/02/26

Ed Tech Spotlight: 5 K-12 Tech Trends To Watch in 2014

IT administrators and technology specialists lay out the top technology trends for the year ahead in the K-12 space.

T.H.E. Journal - 2014/02/26

Cloud-Based Rendering Makes a Splash For Mobile App Access

NEW YORK -- Performance is a big concern around remote application access on mobile devices, but there are ways to deliver apps and data from the cloud without compromising speed.

Search Consumerization Techtarget 2013 - 2013/10/17

Entrepreneurship is Demanding, but it Should be Fun, Too

Business 2 Community - 2013/10/03

Apps of the Week: WiFi Mouse, Pocket Ninjas, Splashtop 2 and more!

Splashtop2 is leading the way in mobile-to-computer virtual desktop use.

Android Central - 2013/09/28

Tapping the Technology Behind BYOD/BYOA

Most conversations about the rapid growth of BYOD (bring your own device) and BYOA (bring your own application) start with the ubiquity of smartphones. “Look around– on the bus, in the subway, at a fast food restaurant– everyone is constantly looking at their smartphones. They have become our command center for organizing and communicating with the world around us,” says Thomas Pedersen, CEO of OneLogin, a multinational cloud identity provider. However, other technology developments are contributing to the BYO trends, and the trends themselves are now driving additional changes in the technology environment.

Inc. Magazine Productivity@Work - 2013/09/17

BUZZREVIEW: Splashtop Personal Remote App Makes Accessing Your Desktop From Anywhere Easy

There are certainly plenty of ways to access the files on your desktop or laptop computer, but one of the simplest and most secure methods involves remote access. The developers at Splashtop have created an excellent app just for this. Read on to discover why we recommend this app and how you can use it.

businessBee - 2013/09/12

Going mobile

Dental Economics - 2013/08/22

Going mobile, on the cheap

Enterprise mobility is unavoidable. And full-blown containerization or virtual desktop solutions aren't cheap. If you're looking for an affordable alternative, take a peek at Goodwill's approach. Lacking funds but facing an imperative to mobilize its workforce, Goodwill settled on a combination of tools from Splashtop and AirWatch. Splashtop is a remote desktop access software originally rooted in the consumer world; AirWatch provides device and application management capabilities.

FierceCIO - 2013/08/19

How Goodwill Achieves Mobility on a Tight Budget

When the grants that fund Goodwill International began to require onsite job assistance programs, the organization had no choice but to become a mobile enterprise. Doing this on disparate devices and a nonprofit budget wasn't easy, but remote desktop and mobile management tools did the job.

CIO - 2013/08/15

The 5 best remote desktop apps for iPad

Mobile devices like the iPad have come a long way in terms of features and usability. You can get actual work done with a the right apps on a touchscreen, but there are still times you need access to a desktop environment. However, you don’t have to put the iPad down to do that any more. In fact, there are plenty of remote desktop apps for the iPad, at least one of which will fulfill your needs for a mobile, touch-friendly remote desktop app.

GEEK - 2013/08/13

Desktop Virtualization Vs. BYOD, Windows Worries

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has been ushering new devices into the enterprise for the last couple of years, peppering what were once all-Windows environments with machines that run iOS, Android, OS X, Chrome OS and more. A variety of new device and application management products have arrived to help IT staffers negotiate the ensuing complexity -- but one of the BYOD strategies gaining the most traction isn't new at all: desktop virtualization.

InformationWeek - 2013/08/07

What Desktop Virtualization Means To Windows 8

Since late last year, report after report has declared that PC sales are falling because users now prefer tablets and smartphones. But tablets aren't the only reason the PC market has been in disarray. Desktop virtualization has also played a behind-the-scenes role -- and that's been bad news for not only PCs, but also for Windows 8.

InformationWeek - 2013/08/07

Case study: Goodwill Industries moves to Splashtop for secure mobile access

Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey implemented Splashtop for Business to provide secure access to backend systems and applications from mobile devices.

ZDNet - 2013/08/01

Mobile Computing: Making Dollars and ‘Sense’ in the Channel

Razor-thin margins explain why Apple sells its mobile devices direct, but Microsoft is trying to side-step that issue with a controversial distribution strategy.

Channelinsider - 2013/07/25

You’re probably not going to do server-based desktops JUST because someone brings in an iPad, but remote desktops can still be a part of EMM.

brian madden - 2013/06/21

Try Windows 8 Metro UI Right On Your Android Tablet With This App [VIDEO]

Want to test Windows 8 out on a touch-screen device and only have an Android-powered tablet to hand? ... Win8 Metro Testbed uses Splashtop in order to bring the full Windows 8 experience to any Android-powered tablet, giving the illusion of Microsoft’s upcoming tablet and desktop operating system running right on the tablet in front of you.

Redmond Pie - 2013/06/06

Splashtop partners with Intel, lets you remotely wake WiFi-connected PCs

So you need to grab that hilarious gif from your desktop remotely. No worries, you can tunnel in with, wait, darnit your office PC is snoozing, and not on the wired network (so not even wake-on-LAN to the rescue). Splashtop's woken up to that scenario, though, and in a collaboration with Intel will be bringing "wake over WiFi" functionality to its popular remote desktop app. Your target PC will need Intel's Smart Connect Technology to make use of the feature, which is coming to Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop for iPad and iPhone first, with Android and other platforms to follow.

engadget - 2013/06/04

Splashtop Expands Mobile Computing Options for IT

Most IT organizations are reconciled to the fact that managing mobile computing deployments is the next big challenge. The issue is finding a way to not only accomplish that goal on their own terms, but also in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

IT Business Edge - 2013/05/30

Splashtop Enterprise allows workers to access biz applications from any device

Remote desktop vendor Splashtop has recognized that the bring-your-own device (BYOD) trend is in full flow. The firm has released a new solution so IT departments can offer workers secure access to any business application from any device.

TabTimes - 2013/05/30

Splashtop Offers Disrupts Remote Support Pricing with Unlimited License

Cross-device computing and collaboration company Splashtop has released Splashtop Business and Splashtop Enterprise for IT remote support this week to provide managed services providers (MSPs) with a solution that offers unlimited remote control of physical and virtual computers.

Channel Futures - 2013/03/29

5 Hot Startups Take Awards at Emerging Companies Summit

NVIDIA - 2013/03/22

Remote desktop for BYOD with Splashtop for Good

Remote desktops might be the right BYOD solution for some vertical markets. Will Kelly gives us an overview of Splashtop for Good.

TechRepublic - 2013/03/07

Splashtop’s Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad feature lets tablet users create virtual controls and more

Whether it be its iOS, Android or Windows 8 users, Splashtop does a pretty good job at keeping them happy by introducing new things here and there, and the very latest may be no exception to that -- well, at least to some.

engadget - 2013/01/31

Splashtop improves streaming PC gaming with user customizable app

Streaming PC game play will soon be a bit nicer for Splashtop users. The company has announced a new app that will allow users to create and customize virtual joysticks. The app is called “Configurable Shortcuts and Gamepads app for Splashtop 2″ and will be priced at $0.99. Getting this out right from the beginning, the app will be available in Google Play from February 1, 2013.


Splashtop Demos Remote Access Whiteboard Apps at FETC

Splashtop is at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, FL this week to demonstrate two of its mobile technology applications.

the Journal - 2013/01/30

Splashtop comes to Ubuntu Linux with a speedy remote desktop option

Windows and Mac users may already be familiar with Splashtop's Streamer remote desktop software, but until just recently Linux users didn't have that option for accessing their PCs from a mobile device.

PCWorld - 2012/11/28

Splashtop introduces remote Ubuntu to Android and iPhone

Ever been 500 miles away from your Ubuntu Linux server and the only computing device you had to manage it was an Android smartphone or an Apple iPad? Splashtop is working on the program for you: Splashtop Streamer for Linux.

ZDNet - 2012/11/28

Splashtop for Business Starts Fast

With its recent introduction of Splashtop for Business, Splashtop has completed its transition from the instant-on movement it championed when it was still called DeviceVM to a global, enterprise-ready purveyor of management and remote access solutions for mobile devices and BYOD environments. As CEO and co-founder Mark Lee puts it, "We're looking at a consumerization play."

Virtualization Review - 2012/11/27

Splashtop’s Win8 Metro Testbed comes to Android slates, keeps everyone happy

Shortly after launching its Win8 Metro Testbed on Cupertino's tablet, Splashtop's bringing the Microsoft OS simulator over to the Android side. The app is essentially identical to that of the iPad, meaning it'll give developers (or any other adventurers) a Windows 8 canvas to test out possible future applications on Redmond's novel platform.

Engadget - 2012/06/07

Splashtop releases virtual Windows 8 environment for Android tablets

Want to try out Windows 8's Metro interface, without having to ditch your Android tablet? Now you can. Remote desktop vendor Splashtop announced Wednesday that it would add Android support to its Windows 8 Metro testbed product, which allows users to simulate a Metro tablet environment.

NetworkWorld - 2012/06/05

Splashtop brings Windows 8 Metro UI to Android tablets [Video]

Talk Android - 2012/06/05

Splashtop releases Splashtop Pro Enterprise App for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Having already released their consumer offering for the BlackBerry PlayBook the folks from Splashtop Inc. have now moved onto their latest release into BlackBerry App World. Splashtop Pro is the enterprise offering from the company that will not only appeal to IT Admins, but the employee's whose companies are now making use of the BlackBerry PlayBook within their workforce. - 2012/05/11

Test Windows 8 Metro UI on an iPad with Splashtop

Derek Schauland shows you how the new Splashtop app for the iPad works to allow Windows 8 Metro testing on non-tablets like a PC. ... The fact that the Splashtop apps bring full on tablet functionality to a non-tablet environment has huge potential for developers and admins alike.

TechRepublic - 2012/05/09

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: An iPad User’s Review

Those of us without handy access to Windows 7-generation tablets for testing the OS got a break on April 12, when Splashtop Inc. launched its "Win8 Metro Testbed." The testbed is a remote desktop application that displays Windows 8 from a PC on an Apple iPad. It's more than just a screenscrape, though -- what's important about what Splashtop has done is the company took the innovative gestures Microsoft developed for Windows 8 and made them work on the iPad.

Redmond Channel Partner - 2012/05/02

Control your Mac from your PC freely and easily

Windows users who want to access and control their Macs can set up a connection using the free Splashtop Remote app. Accessing a Mac from a PC has always been doable by setting up VNC (virtual network computing) sharing on the Mac and installing a VNC client on the PC. But many people may find it quicker and simpler using Splashtop to create the connection.

cnet - 2012/04/19

Splashtop software to come preloaded on Lenovo tablets and PCs

Cross-device computing experts at Splashtop scored a deal with Lenovo, which will preload Splashtop’s apps on its tablets and PCs. Starting in May, customers purchasing Lenovo PCs will get Splashtop Streamer out of box, while those who go for Lenovo ThinkPad tablets will get Splashtop Remote Desktop HD. This is turn will allow users to create a personal cloud and access files on a PC from their tablets while on the go.

IntoMobile - 2012/04/17

Hands-on: Splashtop Brings Windows 8 to the iPad

We’ve been fans of Splashtop’s remote access apps for quite a while, so when we heard the company was working on a new remote desktop app for Windows 8, we jumped at the chance to take it for a test drive. Dubbed Win8 Metro Testbed-powered by Splashtop, the app is meant to provide Windows 8 developers with an easy way to create tablet apps for Microsoft’s latest OS without having to pick up an expensive Windows tablet. ... From the looks of it, Splashtop’s Win8 Metro Testbed has the makings of another excellent remote access app

LAPTOP - 2012/04/12

How to Try Windows 8 on Your iPad

If you’ve got Windows 8 Consumer Preview running on a PC, Splashtop’s Win8 Metro Testbed will stream it to your iPad, while allowing for all the same touch gestures you’d get on a proper Windows 8 tablet. ... I’m satisfied with the app, which provides a good sense of what it feels like to use a Windows 8 tablet. And it has a side benefit: You can use it to access your desktop while connected to the same Wi-Fi network, so you can access Flash video sites such as Hulu on the iPad.

TIME - 2012/04/12

Turn Your IPad Into a Windows 8 Tablet (Almost)

If you want to get a taste of Windows 8 for tablets, a new app for the iPad can simulate the Metro UI on Apple's tablet. Called Win8 Metro Testbed, the app is made by Splashtop, a company known for its remote desktop apps for iOS and Android. ... The app uses the native touch gestures of Windows 8 tablets, such as swiping from the left to switch apps, swiping to the right to reveal the Charms (options) menu or pull from the top to close an app.

CIO - 2012/04/12

Splashtop brings Windows 8 Metro Testbed to Apple’s iPad (video)

Now, Windows 8 tablet developers -- or anyone, for that matter -- can test their apps and play with the Microsoft's Metro interface from within the confines of Apple's ubiquitous tablet. The functionality is made possible by Splashtop. ... It seems that a good amount of effort went into this application, known as the Win8 Metro Testbed, which offers the same swipe capabilities that will be available on a native system.

Engadget - 2012/04/12

Splashtop iPad App Could Affect Windows 8 Tablet Sales

PC Magazine - 2012/04/12

Splashtop remote desktop app brings Windows 8 to the iPad

The Win 8 Metro Testbed app offers support for Windows 8 Metro UI gestures in what appears to be a fast, low latency environment. ... this will be a boon for developers who couldn't make it to Microsoft's BUILD conference last year, and lack access to a Windows 8 development tablet to test the software they're creating.

The Verge - 2012/04/11

Run Windows 8 on your iPad

Want to see how Windows 8 looks and feels on atablet? Now you can tap into the experience on your iPad via an app called Win8 Metro Testbed. Designed by the folks at Splashtop, the new app lets iPad users drive the current Windows 8 beta in all its touch-screen glory by remotely controlling the OS from a desktop. ... Running Windows 8 from my PC was very fluid and responsive. I was able to swipe and pinch and finger my way around the OS with virtually no lag time.

cnet - 2012/04/11

Splashtop’s New App Brings Windows 8 UI to IPad

Splashtop on Thursday released a new tablet application that replicates the Windows 8 touch-driven Metro user interface on the iPad, which should help developers test applications for Microsoft's next OS without investing in a Windows tablet.  The "Win8 Metro Testbed -- powered by Splashtop" ... replicates the Windows 8 UI, and developers will be able to test specific touch-driven applications

PC World - 2012/04/11

Splashtop’s new app lets developers run Metro apps on an iPad

Summary: If you’re developing Metro apps for Windows 8, how do you test touch features? One option is to use a new app called Win8 Metro Testbed, which allows an iPad to access a Windows 8 machine over a network. The remote connection is surprisingly responsive.

ZDnet - 2012/04/11

Splashtop Releases Window 8 Developer Test Solution for iPads

The world of cross-device computing inched closer with the release today of a new "Win8 Metro Testbed" connection solution from Splashtop Inc.  "We have been coordinating very closely with Microsoft to support Metro applications," explained Mark Lee, Splashtop's CEO. "In the whole process, we've found it is very challenging for developers to appreciate the Metro experience without having a Windows 8 tablet. ... So we came out with the idea that we all have iPads because we are developing iPad apps, and let's turn these iPads to run, enable and remote into a vendor's PC." - 2012/04/11

Partner New Tool Allows Testing Windows 8 Beta on iPad

Splashtop Inc., one of the most successful app sellers in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, released "Win8 Metro Testbed -- powered by Splashtop." ... Splashtop Inc. was primarily thinking about developers when it created, and priced, the tool. ... What Splashtop did was create a way for the native Windows 8 Metro touch gestures to work on the iPad.

Redmond Channel Partner - 2012/04/11

This App Brings Windows 8 Metro UI To The iPad For Everyone To Try! [VIDEO]

For those keen to see just how the Metro UI will look and function at tablet level, your prayers may just have been answered by a company named Splashtop. A veteran in the remote desktop apps scene, it has really set a new benchmark by creating an app offering a relatively accurate Windows 8 tablet Metro UI to the market-leading iPad.

Redmond Pie - 2012/04/11

Splashtop Remote Desktop (2012) Review

4.5 star rating
The Verdict: If the ability to play movies and listen to music on your remote desktop is top priority, Splashtop Remote Desktop is your best bet.  ... the best overall method to get your PC on your tablet

LAPTOP - 2012/03/23

Splashtop Whiteboard launches for Android, too

After the iPad, Splashtop is bringing its Whiteboard app to the growing army of Android tablet owners. As you can imagine from the application’s name, it allows teachers and students to turn their tablet into an interactive whiteboard.

IntoMobile - 2012/03/15

Splashtop Releases Whiteboard App for Android Tablets

Splashtop, a California-based software company founded in 1996, has released an application that gives functionality similar to that of an interactive whiteboard to Android-based tablet computers. The application, Splashtop Whiteboard, allows annotations to be made on a tablet computer and displayed through an existing projector or interactive whiteboard when the tablet is connected to a school computer via a wireless network connection.

T.H.E. Journal - 2012/03/14

Splashtop THD lands on ICS Tegra 3 tabs, ready to stream full-screen Skyrim

Splashtop is one of the premier remote desktop apps out there and, at CES, we got a pretty sweet demo of it pushing full screen games and HD video from a Windows 7 PC to a Tegra 3 tablet. Now that version (THD) is available for download in the Android Market.

Engadget - 2012/03/02

8 Killer iOS Apps That Shined at Macworld 2012

If you need to emulate your Mac or Windows desktop on your iPad, or you're dead set on showing some Flash video or animation, the Splashtop app (and accompanying desktop software) is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Wired - 2012/01/31

AppAdvice Daily: Macworld 2012 Best Mobile Apps Roundup

AppAdvice - 2012/01/31

App Review: Splashtop Remote Desktop vs. LogMeIn Ignition

Both apps offer a way to remotely tap into your office computer, but which is the best? Inc.'s John Brandon weighs in. ... The verdict? The next time I hit the road, I plan to use the more affordable Splashtop app. I recommend it to other users looking for a way to tap into their office computers, whether they are up in the air or at the coffee shop.

Inc. Magazine - 2012/01/26

BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a Desktop from Splashtop

LAPTOP - 2012/01/11

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you've been holding out and waiting for a really good remote desktop solution to arrive on the BlackBerry PlayBook, well -- that wait is over. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD has now arrived for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is available in BlackBerry App World. - 2012/01/11

CES Live: Skyrim demoed on Transformer Prime with Splashtop

Without so much of a hitch in the graphics, NVIDIA showed off the Transformer Prime running the app Splashtop, it running a desktop through its display and, believe it or not, the massively popular game Skyrim. Splashtop will certainly gain a whole lot of bonus users after this, you can bet – that and the Transformer Prime without a doubt. The PC renders the graphics, the Transformer Prime shows off the game, you play it.

SlashGear - 2012/01/10

webOS Nation Best of 2011 Awards Winners

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the webOS Nation Best of 2011 Awards. We received nine thousand votes for this year’s awards ... but in the end, there can be only one Best of 2011. Best webOS Tablet App of 2011:    Winner:   Splashtop Remote Desktop HD Best webOS Business/Finance App of 2011:    Winner:   Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

webOS Nation - 2011/12/28

Splashtop Announces Complete Compliance and Optimization of its Remote Desktop HD Application

Splashtop Inc., provider of best-in-class cross-device computing experience across tablets, phones, computers and TVs, has announced complete optimization of the Splashtop Remote Desktop HD application with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor. The award winning Remote Desktop HD application optimization for NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor will provide high performance for delivering enhanced gaming and HD video experience. - 2011/12/21

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD optimized for Tegra 3

If you’re planning to pick up a Tegra 3-powered tablet (i.e. the ASUS Transformer Prime) in the future, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is an appyou might want to pick up. Splashtop Inc. announced today that its desktop cross-device computing software, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, has been optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor and is capable of delivering 60+ frames per second andsub-40 millisecond latency. While this doesn’t mean that much if you’re using Splashtop Remote Desktop HD to do things like edit documents, it makes a world of difference when it comes to gaming or watching HD videos.

Ubergizmo - 2011/12/19

Intel Adds Splashtop Device-Bridging Tech to Sandy Bridge Boards

PC Magazine - 2011/12/09

How to stream media from a PC to a Kindle Fire

Even if you're halfway across the world, the $3 Splashtop app will let you stream music, movies, and TV shows from your computer to your Kindle Fire. That means you can access any file you own (as long as you're on Wi-Fi) without worrying about storage space. Watch the video to find out how to configure Splashtop.

cnet How To - 2011/12/02

Splashtop Remote Desktop now available for Kindle Fire

If you like the idea of accessing files on your desktop computer from your tablet, you’re probably familiar with Splashtop Remote Desktop. The app that’s currently available on most tablets out there has one more device to add to its repertoire – Amazon’s hot-selling Kindle Fire tablet. Remote Desktop turns the Kindle Fire into a device that’s capable of more than just consuming content – it basically turns your tablet into a portable version of your desktop.

Ubergizmo - 2011/11/29

Splashtop Pro

PC Magazine - 2011/11/04

Splashtop Pro targets the enterprise mobile workforce

Tablets are growing in popularity in the enterprise, but managing them effectively can be a challenge for IT. Splashtop says its latest release eases the headache for IT with a cloud-based system that it’s easy to deploy. Building on the company’snamesake service, the new Splashtop Pro is designed for corporate IT, service providers and system integrators.

TabTimes - 2011/11/01

Splashtop Remote Desktop – The Marriage of Computer and Android

Ever thought about what Windows or OS X might look like on an Android device? A lot of Android users were fantasizing about having Windows 8 on their tablets, after the Windows 8 launch, that is. Well, stop dreaming and smell the, hmm, window cleaner? Just kidding… But still, check out Splashtop Remote Desktop, it will make your Windows 8-meets-Android dreams come true!

AndroidPIT - 2011/10/26

Splashtop Remote Desktop for HP TouchPad (review)

Splashtop Remote Desktop is a good method for remotely accessing Windows PCs and Macs using the HP TouchPad. It turns these remote systems into a touch-optimized system on the tablet. ... Splashtop Remote Desktop for the TouchPad is a very polished app that extends the utility of the tablet. It is a solid method for performing system maintenance remotely on Windows or Macs. It is also a good way to access programs remotely that are not native to the TouchPad.

ZDNet - 2011/09/26

Splashtop Remote Desktop, now for Mac

Splashtop Remote Desktop is now available for Mac. If you have not tried it yet, it is a remote-desktop software that allows a Mac computer (there’s a PC version as well) to be controlled remotely by another device (PC, Mac, Android, iOS). There are a number of possible uses for this type of software but a couple of examples come to mind: you could access files and applications that are too heavy for a mobile device to handle, or too sensitive to put on a laptop. You may also play a video or use a website/app that would not run natively on a tablet or smartphone.

Ubergizmo - 2011/09/22

Hands-on: Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac beats VNC

Splashtop has brought its Remote Desktop tool to Mac OS X. ... The new Mac client is a pretty good deal. Splashtop Remote Desktop has replaced my use of Screens on the iPad and has displaced TightVNC as my preferred remoting solution on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Arstechnica - 2011/09/21

Splashtop Remote Desktop now available for Mac OS X, costs but $10

Not content with creating the possibility of (emulated) Wii gaming on Android tablets, Splashtop continues to spread itself across pretty much anything with a screen, with a Mac-friendly version available now at the Mac App Store. This release allows both Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows to hold hands across the great OS divide -- nice to see Splashtop is still beavering away at its "Bridge to Anywhere."

Engadget - 2011/09/21

How to access your PC via iPad: Splashtop Remote

At its current discounted price of $4.99 (down from its standard $19.99 price), Splashtop Remote Desktop might be the least expensive way to gain remote access to a PC or Mac from an iPad. It installs quickly and is dead simple to use. In this brief tutorial, I'll show you how it works.

cnet How To - 2011/08/12

Splashtop XDisplay turns your iPad into an extra screen for your PC

Wish you had an extra monitor but don’t feel like spending any extra money on getting one? If you have a computer running Windows 7, a WiFi connection and an iPad – you’re in luck. Splashtop Inc. has just announced the release of its Splashtop XDisplay app for iPad that turns your iPad into your second monitor for your desktop or laptop computer.

Ubergizmo - 2011/07/27

iPhoto’11 on the iPad Feels Exactly Like an iPad App

I got iPhoto '11 to run on the iPad using a remote desktop software called Splashtop. Splashtop streams whatever is on your Mac screen to your iPad at its native 1024 x 768 resolution, allowing you to control it remotely. iPhoto '11 fits the iPad perfectly right now. Once I was connected to my Mac, I set iPhoto in the new full screen mode. It didn't just fit the iPad perfectly; full screen iPhoto '11 actually feels designed entirely for the iPad, from top to bottom.

Gizmodo - 2011/05/24

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad

A quality remote desktop app can be a device changer for the iPad, and there are so many to choose from in the App Store. A relatively new entry into the crowded genre is Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad which connects to your Mac or Windows computer on your iPad from anywhere you have an internet connection. Now the big question is what makes this app different from all the rest, and the answer is speed.

AppAdvice - 2011/02/01

Splashtop Remote adds Android support to PC access app

Splashtop Remote allows for movie and music streaming, together with access to files and applications, remote PC and Flash gameplay, and the ability to wake up a computer remotely via “Wake-on-LAN”.

Android Community - 2011/01/07

Splashtop Remote Desktop adds Android compatibility, opens another avenue for Windows remote access

Shortly after bringing your Windows PC to the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the aforementioned company has now issued an Android client. As you'd probably guess, it allows anyone with an Android-based smartphone or tablet to tap into their networked Windows PC, with content and applications both accessible.

Engadget - 2011/01/07

Best of CES 2011

That means pictures, video, documents, games, and any other file or program on a main PC is up for grabs no matter where you are. Splashtop's remote connection is so strong, you'll feel like your treasured media files are right in front of you. And that's the point.

Laptop - 2011/01/07

Splashtop Expands Remote PC Control to Android

PC Magazine - 2011/01/06

Splashtop Instant-On OS Boots You Into Chromium Quickly

Splashtop does look pretty handy. It books quickly to a minimalist OS that features Chromium, the open-source version of Chrome, with Flash pre-installed. There's a search bar powered by Bing.

Lifehacker - 2010/12/01

Splashtop Launches New Instant-On OS, Free Download for All

We’ve long admired Splashtop, the instant-on OS that boots quickly and provides simple web browsing, photo viewing, and other basic tasks faster than you can say “Windows 7 Home Premium” three times backwards… - 2010/11/30

Splashtop Instant-On OS Now Available for All

Ubergizmo - 2010/11/30

Fast-boot OS offered in free browser-only version

Splashtop OS should appeal to users who want quick access to the Internet, but who also want access to native applications, and either want or don't mind Windows. If Microsoft chooses to push the technology as a way to promote Bing, the downloadable Splashtop could reach a far greater audience.

LinuxDevices - 2010/11/29

Splashtop’s New Instant-on OS Based on Chromium Browser

The latest version of the Splashtop OS, now in beta, is a lightweight version of Linux that allows users to surf the Web, access online applications or check e-mail almost instantly after switching on a PC.

PC World - 2010/11/29

Splashtop Brings its Windows Remote Control to the iPhone

The app, which works over a Wi-Fi connection, lets you maneuver around your Windows machine, launching and running apps and doing stuff you can’t do on an iPhone. - 2010/11/18

Turn Your iPad Into A PC!

The fact that Apple mobile products don't support flash at all is a huge disappointment for a lot of us. Web browsing just isn't the same when content is limited. Luckily, all that is changing thanks to a new app currently available in the App Store... This is a great app for anyone who wants access to more content on their iPad - 2010/11/18

Control your desktop with your iPhone using Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop allows you to watch Flash videos on your iPhone Using your iOS device, you can see and control your Windows PC like you are directly in front of it, access all files and programs on it without having to Sync, watch videos (including Flash) and listen to music from your PC- basically do everything that you can do on your PC using your iPhone. - 2010/11/17

Control a PC, Straight From Your Phone

Splashtop's new iPhone app, Remote Desktop, lets you fire up your computer's display on the iPhone. You can control apps, click and type at them, even play audio and video from your computer over the iPhone. - 2010/09/15

DeviceVM unleashing MeeGo on Splashtop PCs

Got "Smart On," "Quick Start," "Express Gate," "QuickWeb," "Latitude ON" or even the plain vanilla Splashtop instant-on OS embedded in your PC? Chances are, sometime next year, you'll be getting a MeeGo app-capable upgrade. - 2010/09/14

iPad gets Windows and Flash with new app

If you can’t wait for a tablet running Windows, then a new app from DeviceVM turns the iPad itself into a Flash-playing Windows machine. - 2010/08/26

DeviceVM App Runs Windows on an Apple iPad - 2010/08/25

Sony VAIO NW unboxing and hands-on with Splashtop

If you do work up the arm strength and fashion courage to lug this thing outside, however, you'll find that quick connectivity is greatly enhanced by Splashtop, which allows you to quickly boot to a Linux-based shell and run a browser. - 2010/07/26

Who needs a Google OS? Splashtop 2.0 already does the same thing

Google’s PC operating system will consist of a Linux boot system that launches the company’s Chrome browser. You’ll do everything in the browser thanks to Google Apps and other Web-based services, many of which are free. But San Jose-based DeviceVM’s Splashtop already does this on 30 million shipped computers. - 2010/01/05

Splash Top 2.0 Hands-On: Customization, New Home Screen, Touch Support

Splashtop, everyone’s favorite instant-on operating system, is getting a major upgrade. - 2010/01/05

Dell gives extra latitude to instant-on concept

Consumer demand for portable PCs that can turn on as a fast as a phone is likely to be satisfied by the netbook and smartbook categories in 2010 , but Dell is looking out for small and medium businesses who still prefer notebooks. - 2010/01/02