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Zero Trust Network Access

Replace VPNs to enhance security, minimize third-party risks, reduce the attack surface through least privilege access, and streamline M&A network integration.

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Transforming ZTNA with Unparalleled User Experience

  • Rapid Deployment: Achieve zero-touch connector setup in just 4 minutes for immediate access and connectivity.

  • Enhanced Performance and Automation: Leverage connector clusters and CLI for ZTNA to boost resiliency, throughput, and meet automation needs.

  • User-Friendly Security: Integrate an application launcher and password manager to enhance usability and foster productivity through secure networking and application sharing.

Elevating Security and Resilience

  • Comprehensive Access Control: Implements Zero Trust and Conditional Access with JIT and on-demand ZTNA via shareable links, QR codes, and Slack/Teams integration.

  • Advanced Security Features: Offers built-in data leak protection and real-time session management within ZTNA traffic.

  • Optimized Network Performance: Deploys global Points of Presence (PoPs) to improve networking, reducing latency and jitter.

Redefining Agentless ZTNA: Seamless and Secure Access

  • Enhanced ZTNA and Access Control: Offers converged agentless ZTNA with privileged access, enabling credential-less entry to privileged accounts.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Security: Features real-time session monitoring, recording, and secure access through hyperlinks or QR codes, reinforced by Zero Trust and Conditional Access.

  • Cost-effective Unmanaged Device Access: Delivers smooth, secure, and isolated application access on unmanaged devices, providing a cost-efficient alternative to VDI.

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