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Secure Internet Access (SWG, DNS, RBI)

Enhance remote work security against modern threats through DNS filtering, deep web inspection with SWG, and RBI for robust Zero Trust security.

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Cloud Managed Security Policies

Full-fledged and unified secure internet policies are centrally managed in the cloud, including:

  • DNS Filtering

  • SSL Inspection

  • URL Filtering

  • Data Leak Protection

  • Threat Protection (malware, viruses, ransomware)

  • Cloud Application Controls

  • Remote Browser Isolation

The Next-Gen Approach SWG

Legacy SWG architecture funnels all user traffic through the data center, leading to issues with reliability, performance, and privacy.

Our next-generation SWG operates as an endpoint agent. This architectural approach enhances the end-user experience in several key ways:

  • Eliminates network disruptions caused by data center SWG outages, ensuring reliable internet access.

  • Removes unnecessary traffic detours, resulting in a performance boost.

  • Avoids SSL decryption on remote SWGs, reducing the risk of data leaks. Your unencrypted data remains on your device.

Enhancing Security with Web Isolation

Remote Browser Isolation enhances enterprise network security by executing web browsing in isolated Docker containers, presenting solely the interface in users' browsers. This approach blocks direct interaction with web content, safeguarding against malware and ensuring data protection while maintaining a seamless browsing experience:

  • Agent-less: Requires no software or agent installation.

  • Single Sign-On: Seamlessly extends the existing session.

  • Web Content Filtering: Employs selective access to web content.

  • Customizable Browser Configuration: Allows tailored browser settings.

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