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Comprehensive SaaS Security

Secure SaaS using Zero Trust, SSO, MFA, BYOI, PAM, RBI, CASB, and DLP to prevent unauthorized access and ensure comprehensive identity management and data protection.

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Extends Privileged Access Management to SaaS and Web Apps

  • Zero Trust Security: Integrates RBI with a privileged access engine for SaaS and web applications, enhancing security without credential sharing.

  • SSO Access Delegation: Simplifies access delegation and impersonation with SSO, eliminating the need for credential sharing.

  • Support for Non-SSO Apps: Provides secure access to non-SSO applications via privileged accounts.

  • Live Session Monitoring & Recording: Offers oversight through live monitoring and recording of sessions to prevent unauthorized activity and ensure compliance.

  • Controlled Browsing Experience: Delivers a secure, controlled browsing experience that minimizes data leakage while maintaining usability.

Comprehensive Identity Management

  • Unified Identity Management: Centralize and streamline identities across the organization with seamless integration of various identity sources, enhanced by multi-tenancy.

  • Robust Security Measures: Elevate security with embedded multi-factor authentication, conditional access, step-up MFA, and role-based access control, alongside modern authentication methods like SSO and social logins.

  • Credential Protection and Access Control: Secure credentials with privileged access management and built-in password managers, enforcing strict access permissions.

Visibility and Control with Inline CASB

  • Comprehensive Security and Compliance: Mitigate data breaches and compliance issues, manage shadow IT, and implement Zero Trust access policies to enhance security.

  • Proactive Threat Management: Record HTTP requests to identify unauthorized SaaS applications, thwart insider threats, unsafe data practices, and malicious entities.

  • Data Loss Prevention: Restrict user activities like copy/paste, downloads, and printing in SaaS applications to minimize data loss risks.

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