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Unified Just-In-Time Access

Unify Just-In-Time Access across Zero Trust Networks, Privileged and Private Applications, SaaS, and Remote Browsing.

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JIT & On-Demand Network Access

  • Flexible ZTNA Access: Empowers admins to fulfill on-demand ZTNA requests and provide JIT links for seamless network connectivity to private network applications.

  • User-Initiated Access Sharing: Optionally allows end users to share JIT ZTNA links for accessing applications on the private network with peers.

  • Session Monitoring and Termination: Facilitates monitoring and termination of JIT and on-demand network sessions for enhanced security control.

JIT & On Demand Application & Privileged Access

  • Enables admins to offer on-demand and JIT-controlled privileged access links for seamless connectivity to both network and SaaS/web applications, including a Remote Browser Isolation option.

  • Provides admin controls for session monitoring and termination, ensuring credential confidentiality across all access types.

  • Optionally allows end users to share JIT application access links with peers without disclosing credentials.

5 Key Advantages of JIT Access

  1. Security Enhancement: Grants access only as needed, sharply reducing the chance of breaches.

  2. Attack Surface Reduction: Offers time-limited access, immediately revoking privileges post-use to deter unauthorized access.

  3. Compliance Boost: Aligns with regulations through automated, time-specific access controls and clear, trackable audit trails.

  4. Administrative Efficiency: Automates access management, significantly reducing manual oversight and freeing up IT resources.

  5. Collaboration Support: Facilitates secure, temporary app access for seamless team collaboration while maintaining strict access control.

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