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Unified Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Redefining privileged access management: cost-effective, quick to deploy, scalable, resilient, and widely compatible—surpassing the limitations of traditional PAM.

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Gatekeeping Private Resources: Elevating Security and UX with SSW PAM

  • Privileged Account Security: Secures privileged accounts with seamless credential injection, hidden passwords, live monitoring, and session recording.

  • Credential Management Automation: Automates credential rotation for Windows/Active Directory, using Secret Vault for secure injections.

  • Effortless Infrastructure Integration: Enables Zero Touch Provisioning for easy integration and application auto-discovery, without altering firewalls or routing.

Expanding PAM Capabilities with SSW PAM: Beyond Traditional Boundaries

  • Expanded Privileged Access: Extends secure access to SaaS and web applications, with or without SSO, ensuring credential confidentiality.

  • Comprehensive Session Oversight: Provides live monitoring, session recording, and management for enhanced security.

  • Enhanced SaaS Security: Employs remote browser isolation for SaaS applications to mitigate data leaks and bolster security.

Next-Generation, Future-Proof Access Management

  • Just-In-Time (JIT) and On-Demand Access provides immediate, secure entry, streamlining user access without compromising security. Zero Trust Policy Control with Conditional Access guarantees strict access based on rigorous verification, aligning with Zero Trust principles.

  • Enhanced Data Security incorporates SSL inspection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to effectively safeguard sensitive information. Endpoint Security Posture Validation ensures device compliance and readiness, reinforcing the security framework.

  • Future-Proof Solution delivers a robust and adaptable platform, ready to meet the challenges of evolving security landscapes.

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