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Transition from Passwords to Secure Passwordless Authentication

Reduce vulnerability by retiring password-based EAP-TTLS/PAP and adopting certificate-based EAP-TLS authentication with Foxpass Cloud RADIUS facilitating an integrated migration.

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Foxpass Cloud RADIUS Secures the Path to Passwordles

Robust wireless authentication is crucial as organizations combat escalating cyberthreats. Many IT teams have graduated from shared passwords on Wi-Fi networks to identity provider-based sign-on by integrating with Entra ID, Google Workspace, and Okta.

For Wi-Fi and VPN connections, Microsoft recommends moving from MSCHAPv2-based (password) connections to certificate-based authentication such as EAP-TLS.

Advancing one step further to certificate-based passwordless authentication via EAP-TLS can close security gaps. By mutually validating the user and network server, EAP-TLS prevents impersonation attacks. Further, passwordless methods increase convenience for end users.

Foxpass Cloud RADIUS provides an adjustable platform to navigate between legacy password-driven EAP-TTLS/PAP approaches and future-proof passwordless EAP-TLS, enabling organizations to phase their migration at their preferred pace.

Foxpass Cloud RADIUS facilitates smooth evolution to passwordless security:

  • Enhanced Protection: Certificate-based authentication defeats many password attacks
  • Simplified User Experience: Eliminates password fatigue and reset overhead
  • Native Cloud Integration: Aligns with cloud-hosted identity management
  • Flexible Transition Support: Enables gradual shift from passwords to passwordless
  • Consistent Infrastructure Connectivity: Maintains seamless integration throughout migration

Ready to Elevate Your Network Security?

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