Break up with TeamViewer and switch to Splashtop
The best value remote access solution

Switching to Splashtop from TeamViewer will get you all the top remote access features you need with saving of 50% or more – guaranteed.

Here is why:

Commercial Plan
Splashtop Business Access –
For business professionals 
 Splashtop SOS –
For IT and support teams
Starting Price (monthly) €31.90* €4.58 €13
Starting Price (yearly) €382.80* €55 €151.20
Fast Remote Access
Top Tools & Features
Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android Support

TeamViewer US Dollar and Euro prices from TeamViewer US and Euro currency websites, July 2020. TeamViewer prices may vary by country.

Guaranteed 50% savings! How is this possible?

Each Splashtop solution is geared to a specific use case, each has the top features needed for its respective customer base, and each is priced significantly less than TeamViewer. That’s why you can save at least 50% on your cost when you switch from TeamViewer’s commercial plans.

Are you ready to switch? There has never been a better time!

Switch to Splashtop

TeamViewer breaking your heart?  Switch to Splashtop and get the remote access solution you deserve.

“I have been in IT for 20 years and I know a good product when I find one…I could not have asked for a better tool. I get in and get it done. Splashtop is awesome and it’s reliable as all hell. After using TeamViewer this program rocks its socks off. You are reasonably priced as well, with TeamViewer wanting everything including my first born. I love the product.”

– Stuart Livingstone, NuWave Backup