Splashtop no hassle cancellation policy to the rescue

Splashtop cancellation policy

Is your remote access provider cancellation policy giving you nightmares? You are not alone.

Our customers have shared many horror stories on their cancelation policy with their former remote access providers that require them to go through many unclear steps to cancel their subscriptions.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing 3 months written notice of intent to cancel before the renewal date
  • Waiting for weeks to receive confirmation of requested cancellation
  • Being charged for renewal two weeks before the scheduled renewal time, and then making it hard to cancel and be refunded
  • Support tickets links  that don’t work or too complicated to navigate
  • Billing phone numbers that don’t work or have unacceptable wait times
  • Being directed to knowledge base articles that don’t solve the issue

These unprofessional practices that make it difficult to cancel seem to be designed to lock the customer into a contract as long as possible.

At Splashtop, while we do hope that our customers will stay with us forever, we don’t make it difficult for them to leave. We take a different approach to earn their loyalty – by offering excellent products and customer experience at the best prices.

So, if you ever need to cancel – We make it easy.

Splashtop customers can cancel by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Log in on the My Splashtop web portal.
  2. Select Account Info from the pull-down menu and in the Account Information screen, open the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Select the Turn off auto-renewal button.

It is that simple. And if for any reason, customers are unable to do this online, our support team is only a call away!

You are probably wondering why we make it so easy to cancel. After all, no business in their right mind would want to see a customer go, right?

That’s because we want to ensure that there is no frustration when doing business with us and that our customers are treated with the highest level of service at EVERY stage of their Splashtop journey.

This is one of the reasons why we have the highest user satisfaction scores in the industry with an NPS score of 93.


Additionally, to help potential customers who are locked into a contract and need 3 months notice to leave their provider, we offer 3 complimentary free months to these customers so they can switch without having to wait any longer.

Want to see for yourself why Splashtop has the highest customer satisfaction scores among all remote desktop solutions?

Sign up for a free trial and enjoy fast and secure access with all the top features you need to be productive while working remotely. No credit card or commitment is required to start your free trial. And… no-hassle cancellation policy if you ever decide to leave!

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