SplashApp: Imagine All Your Critical Business Apps on your iPad

Businesses have invested billions of dollars in customized business applications to support employees to perform their daily tasks. They are usually written in .Net, Java, and sometimes use Flash or Silverlight, tying to IE browsers.

I learned recently that a national bank has over six thousands internally developed apps. With the explosive growth of mobile devices and BYOD, how do businesses bring all these Windows-centric desktop apps to mobile?

Not only is it cost prohibitive to re-write these business applications for mobile, but in many cases, it is impossible to deliver full functionality and compatibility of these apps to mobile. Until now.

Splashtop is the #1 remote desktop solution for mobile, with over 14 million users enjoying the high performance experience of remote access to their computers anytime, from anywhere. Now, with Splashtop Enterprise with SplashApp, businesses can deliver both the best-in-class remote desktop experience to distributed PCs and also enable remote application rendering and delivery to the mobile workforce from any cloud infrastructure. The SplashApp on-premise engine real-time transcodes RDP protocol to Splashtop protocol; as a result, all Windows apps running on RDS / RemoteApp and Windows VMs can be instantly delivered to all devices. This means:

  • Zero Coding
  • Zero User Training
  • Zero Data Leakage
  • Zero Wait Time
  • Zero Compromise

Imagine how SplashApp “iPadtizes” various “thick / heavy” business apps. Seeing is believing: https://www.splashtop.com/enterprise-videos You can also download the free Splashtop Enterprise app on iPad and Android and test drive our Demo Cloud to see how SplashApp transcods various Windows apps hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Businesses can instantly scale SplashApp across private, hybrid, and public clouds. Making what used to be impossible, possible.