Splashtop Remote Access Reviews of the Week – July 29, 2019

Read our favorite Splashtop customer reviews for the week of July 29, 2019. Find out why these customers switched from TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, and LogMeIn to Splashtop.

Splashtop reviews of the week

Here at Splashtop, we hear from business professionals, MSPs, IT, help desks, and others about why they love Splashtop. These comments highlight some of the reasons why more than 20 million people use Splashtop’s best-in-class remote desktop solutions today.

Here are some of the top reviews from this past week!

Reviews of the Week

Splashtop Remote Support Review

 “I’m so glad to have switched over from LogMeIn and never looked back. Best business decision ever made. Splashtop has really made it possible for small business guys like me to be on the same playing field as the big companies spending high dollars on computer support and remote management solutions. Thank you Splashtop! You guys make a difference.”

– Xay Phouangaphayvong, Founder/Chief Person of Service, Sol POS

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Splashtop Business Access Reviews

 “Splashtop is such an easy to use system. I was a previous customer of GoToMyPC, and was nervous about the transition and ease of use. What a great decision it was to make this change! Extremely happy with everything thus far. The price is phenomenal and I am hoping when the time comes to renew, there is no jump in premium like I’ve experienced with other companies. As long as they don’t change that, they have a customer as long as my business stands for!”

– Lisa M Rizzo, Self-employed dental managing consultant


 “Really impressive, your support, the product ease of use and deployment. Thanks for the quick responses and a Top Tier product. I’d rate #1 and I’ve had TeamViewer and LogMeIn Pro.”

– Frank Wolynski – VP Engineering, WEDU-TV

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