For IT, Support and Help Desks
  • Attended and unattended remote support software.
  • Provide on-demand support to any computer, tablet, or mobile device (including iOS & Android).
  • Add unattended access to an unlimited number of computers.

For all-in-one remote access and support
  • Provide IT with attended and unattended remote support.
  • Provide end-users with remote access to work computers.
  • Get SSO integration, granular privilege control, group-based permissions, scheduled access, and more.

Splashtop SOS Awards Update

Why Splashtop is the Best Remote Support Solution

Enhanced Security
Ensuring your security every step of the way

Better Performance
Enjoy HD quality, sound, and fast connections

Superior Customer Service
A global customer service team is always here for you

trusted by
30+ million
customers worldwide

800+ million

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