To our valued Customers and Prospects

Splashtop’s goal is provide the simplest and fastest remote access and remote support solution at an extremely affordable price, with consistent pricing and business practices.

Many remote access and remote support customers have been moving to Splashtop. We are committed to continue improving the product, to increase the value for our existing customers and also to enable even more customers to use Splashtop.

We have been hearing requests from many of you for providing computer-based pricing with unlimited technicians. This is so that our pricing can be more easily compared to our primary competitors. To this end, we have decided to add a computer-based pricing model, in addition to our current user-based pricing model.

To our current customers of the user-based product, no worries. The product, pricing, and terms you agreed to at the time of your original purchase remain the same. There is absolutely no change.
Should you decide that the computer-based model works better for you, we’ll be happy to help you convert.

To our new customers, you now have two choices. You can purchase by user or by computer:

Splashtop Business Access is priced by user, with computer limits that scale according to the number of users purchased. Individuals and small groups of remote access users may find this model the easiest.

Splashtop Remote Support is priced by computer, with unlimited technicians Remote support service providers will typically find this model to be the best fit.

Splashtop Business Access and Splashtop Remote Support have essentially the same feature set today. Both products will continue to grow. Over time, Splashtop Remote Support may gain more features that are specific to the remote support usage model. We have detailed the differences in this support article.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions or feedback.