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Splashtop Remote 3D Graphics for Lenovo allows you to use a computer or laptop to remotely control your Lenovo Workstation if both systems are on the same network.
Your Lenovo workstation already comes with the Streamer program pre-bundled. Then you need to download the client application and login to both programs with the same ID.

  1. Please download and install the following Windows client application to a computer and be able to access your Lenovo Workstation
  2. If you do not already have a Splashtop ID, please create one through the Windows client app and login to the Streamer application on the Lenovo workstation and this Windows client application with that Splashtop ID.

Would you like to connect to your Lenovo Workstation from a different network or need additional features?

Free Trial of Splashtop Business (cloud)

  • Secure SSL-AES encrypted relay connectivity across networks
  • Add / Delete User with centralized access control
  • Cloud manageability with audit trails and control
  • Starts at $60 per year per user
Splashtop Business trial
Contact us about Splashtop On-Premise

  • Active Directory integration for enhanced policy and user account control
  • Local, on-premise relay; no Internet connectivity required
  • Enhanced local 3D streaming performance across corporate subnets

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