Innovation is the only survival formula

This week’s Economist talks about the Battle of the 4 Internet giants — Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and the Survival of the Biggest:

My view is that “Innovation” is the only survival formula. Even the biggest falls to the ground… look at how fast Nokia, RIM, and HP empires drop so quickly. Each giant has its success formula (google=search, amazon=value/convenience, apple=premium experience, fb=social graphs), but if a biz model transformation comes along to disrupt their formula and they fail to innovate, any giant will stumble and fall. Outside the Western world, Samsung has emerged as a global powerhouse. Lenovo is already #1 worldwide in PC surpassing HP, and in China, it’s already #2 in cellphone and moving towards #1. Then, see Huawei and ZTE. Innovations and competition are happenning globally at an unprecedented pace.

Then, all of the giants outlined in the article are all about consumers… consumers are actually frickle in nature. Mobile device lifespan is less than 2 years. Who leads the platform/device war today could change quickly in 1-2 years. Big battles are actually brewing in the mobile enterprise world where there are even more money at stake. Open source, cloud computing, big data, and mobility are changing the economics of application and data delivery and collaboration, putting tremendous pressure on Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, & VMware of the world. In the eyes of business cloud services for customers, partners, and employees, devices are just commodities — whether they are Andorid, iOS, or Windows. Innovative business cloud solutions are coming to transform every industry in the coming years. Without innovations, any big giant of today will be left behind.

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