Companies Use Splashtop to Access Their Existing LOB and ERP Mobile Apps

Many organizations face challenges moving their business critical applications such as ERP, CRM, workflow and Line of Business applications to mobile devices. This generally requires re-writing or upgrading which can be costly and time-consuming, with compromised features and functionality.

Now IT managers can easily deliver all business apps to mobile devices with Splashtop Enterprise and SplashApp technology, which integrates with RDP / Terminal Services. No data ever gets saved to the mobile device, ensuring corporate security and compliance. There is no coding, no data leakage, no mobile user training, and no wait time.

User Example

A large hardware manufacturer from the mid-West runs Epicor as its ERP solution. As more employees are using iPads, the IT team looked for solutions that enable Epicor (based on .NET framework) to be used on iPads. In May 2013, this manufacturing company set up Splashtop Enterprise with SplashApp (that supports RDP / Terminal Services) and instantly enabled mobile workers to access the Epicor application from their iPads. After a 2 week trial, the company purchased Splashtop and started to roll it out to mobile users. This saved substantial amounts of time, money, and disruption while immediately increasing productivity.

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