Epson Smart Glass Combined with Splashtop Mirroring360 Delivers New Possibility – Fly a DJI Drone to take HD video and photo!

In partnership with Espon, Splashtop Mirroring360 is now made freely available for Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glass.

This means that any content or app can be mirrored from your iPhone and iPad to your Epson smart glass.

Then, we learned from DJI Drone enthusiasts about below exciting new use case:

When people are flying drones to take video or photo from the sky above, they need to be able to watch the drone flying above them; at the same time, they also need to look

down on their iPhone / iPad to see the real-time video view from the drone’s camera. The constant need to look up at the flying drone and look down at the iPhone/iPad showing the real-time camera view

is a big challenge. With Epson smart glass running Mirroring360, people can keep the flying drone in the line of sight while also viewing the drone’s video feed directly in the center of the smart glasses.

Below are video and photo of the new possibility. Fun and exciting!

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