Webinar On-Demand – Splashtop for Remote Labs Computer Access

Learn how educational institutions are leveraging Splashtop for remote labs to ensure that their students and faculty can access lab computers from home.

Enhance Distance Learning for Splashtop with Remote Labs Webinar On-Demand

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many students and faculty members are unable to physically enter computer labs as everyone is making a large effort to help slow the spread. With Splashtop for Remote Labs, academic institutions can provide students with access to computer labs without putting them at risk.

Watch the Remote Labs webinar on-demand!

This 45-minute webinar will teach you how easy it is to set up Splashtop remote access. We demonstrate how teachers or faculty members can seamlessly manage each remote user on the campus’ computers, and we show how teachers can schedule sessions for their students.

Want to set up Splashtop for remote labs for your educational institution?

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