Creating a Remote Broadcasting Newsroom Amid COVID-19

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More than 30 million professionals use Splashtop. With Splashtop remote access, anyone can remotely access their PCs and Macs from their smartphone, tablet, or another computer – just like if they were sitting right in front of their computer. Due to COVID19, working from home is now “the new normal.” Amid this growing WFH trend, we noticed a surge in remote access demand from a particular segment: the media and entertainment industry.

Is it time for Remote Broadcasting Stations?

remote weather station with Patrick evans

Patrick Evans, KESQ News Channel 3 meteorologist and Host of Eye on the Desert

To better understand how media and entertainment professionals are using Splashtop, we spoke with Patrick Evans KESQ News Channel 3 meteorologist and Host of Eye on the Desert. Patrick Evans uses Splashtop Remote Desktop to access his weather station and keep running it remotely.

Q: How do you use Splashtop’s remote desktop?

Patrick: I connect to our Baron Weather system at the station using Splashtop on an IBM ThinkPad laptop. Splashtop is working great. I log into the weather system, prepare graphics, setup sequences for shows, and operate the weather system entirely remotely.

Q: Is the COVID-19 crisis the first time you have worked remotely with this setup? If not, when and why have you used it in the past?

Patrick: This is the first time we’ve done weather remotely. I have used Splashtop for file transfers with my other job at a local radio station (CV 104.3 FM), where I would upload audio files. I recommended Splashtop because of my familiarity with it. At KESQ, our IT department purchased it for all weather users. I believe that all our weather staff is using it, as well as several of our reporters are working remotely.

Q: Any quote you would like to share on achieving resilience during this COVID19 crisis?

Patrick: Splashtop has been instrumental in allowing our weather department to operate remotely while still using the full resources of our weather system.

WFH: A Renewed Sense of Freedom?

While Patrick’s use of Splashtop Remote desktop is unusual, it is not that unthinkable. Radio and studio equipment is known to be quite expensive. Imagine bringing a 10K device home and breaking it or having to purchase several machines to give users the ability to work remotely? That is not only risky but also quite expensive.

Bryan Hughes Meteorologist at WOWK, credits: TVSpy

With Splashtop, professionals in the media and entertainment industry can securely and easily remote into their studios or radio stations, while keeping a low latency and enjoying a 4K resolution, for just $5 month. While this is great, for many embracing the new remote movement, the best part that comes with using Splashtop is a renewed sense of freedom. So work- from-home studios might be here to stay.

Bryan Huges from WOWK is another meteorologist who went fully remote due to COVID19. Bryan took his remote setup to another level: converting his boat into a remote newsroom by using Splashtop to run Weather Lynx graphics! In an interview with TVSpy, Brian enthusiastically said that “It’s like a dream come true.”

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