As a Managed Service Provider, it’s critical to provide solutions you trust to your valued clients. The Splashtop MSPConnect program helps you profitably supply secure, fast, and affordable solutions for remote work, remote support, remote learning, and more.

Splashtop MSPConnect Benefits:

  • MSP discounts on Splashtop products
  • Your unique, reusable discount code for now and future orders
  • Splashtop pre-sales support on purchases $3,000 or more
  • The Splashtop MSP program allows you to work directly with Splashtop or obtain Splashtop subscriptions with our authorized distributor

MSPs purchasing through distribution

The Splashtop authorized distributor will allow you to purchase licensing for Splashtop products. You will interact directly with the distributor and its software and cloud solutions portfolio. You will be an authorized Splashtop MSP but procure all licensing with the distributor. Purchasing through the authorized distributor will require a signed MSP Contract.

MSPs purchasing through Splashtop

We will ask you to sign an MSP agreement to work directly with Splashtop. Once completed, you will receive a discount code from Splashtop, and this discount code is unique to you to receive your MSP discount.

To place an order for your clients, add licensing to your cart and enter your unique discount code.

You can view your purchased licenses, including customer, date of order, and renewal date, via All Splashtop orders in the direct mode will be for a one or 3-year cycle.

Please note: Splashtop cannot accept MSPConnect orders for less than $300.

Become a Splashtop MSP

We designed the Splashtop MSPConnect program to allow you to provide your clients with next-generation remote access and support software at a competitive price.