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Why Splashtop SOS is a better alternative than TeamViewer for QuickSupport

  1. Built for quick support: Splashtop makes providing quick remote support simple. Once you install the Splashtop SOS app, you can instantly connect to your users’ devices with a simple session code, reduce the time it takes to support your users, keep customer satisfaction high, and reduce costs for your help desk/support team.
  2. Unbeatable price: Splashtop SOS starts at $199 per technician per year while TeamViewer for QuickSupport starts at $610.80 per year per technician. Splashtop SOS also includes the ability to support multiple operating systems with a free mobile add-on included.
  3. Above standard security procedures: Splashtop validates all users, even for free trials, by requiring user registration, as well as validation of users’ email addresses and other credentials, before allowing usage of our tools. Our platform’s secure infrastructure is also reinforced with intrusion prevention, app security, and a wide range of security features to provide you one of the most secure remote desktop tools in the market.
  4. Highest customer satisfaction in the industry: With a G2 Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93, Splashtop has the highest user satisfaction score when it comes to remote access tools. That’s because we thrive to ensure that our customers are treated with the highest level of service at EVERY stage of their Splashtop journey. That includes when they want to leave us. No crazy contracts or 30-day notices, or early renewals that take you by surprise.

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