Run Your Legacy and .Net / Java Apps on Any Device

Businesses have invested millions upon millions in Windows .Net and Java apps. It is not uncommon for major enterprises to have thousands of internally developed, custom applications for their various lines of business. In the past decade, many IT departments have embarked on enabling WebApps, but many of them are tied to the IE browser, supporting .Net, Silverlight, Flash, or other rich media capabilities. None of these existing apps are compatible with iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Splashtop Enterprise - .Net on an iPad
Splashtop Enterprise - .Net on an iPad

The mobile workforce is now demanding access to all existing applications from their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Re-writing thousands of Legacy apps for mobile is simply not a practical option.

By leveraging existing distributed corporate desktops and servers, running Windows RDS, RemoteApp, or VMs, Splashtop can scale cost-effectively to support mobile workforces and BYOD, delivering instant ROI and business agility.


Here are the benefits of leveraging Splashtop Enterprise with SplashApp to instantly access existing .Net / Java apps and legacy LOB apps:

  • Zero waiting
  • Zero coding
  • Zero training
  • Zero data leakage

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