School IT Remotely Supports Student & Staff Devices

St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf uses Splashtop SOS to remotely support student & staff devices


St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf needed a way to provide remote support to student and staff devices to keep them connected after COVID-19 suddenly shut down the campus. With Splashtop SOS, the IT team was able to instantly access any computer, tablet, or mobile device the moment help was needed.

With Splashtop in place, St. Joseph’s successfully transitioned to the new distance learning environment. The IT team was able to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues on end-user devices.


Like at most other schools, the students at St. Joseph’s attended classes on the school’s campus. Most of their learning took place in person. However, when COVID-19 suddenly shut down the campus, the entire school shifted to a distance learning environment.

To ensure students could access live-streamed classes and coursework from home, St. Joseph’s IT team worked hard to get their hands on any device they could. The school acquired laptops (Windows and Mac), tablets, and Chromebooks, which were then distributed to students and staff.

Adrianne Grant, Technology Coordinator at St. Joseph’s, often worked on the school’s campus fixing IT issues in person. But once the school gave students and staff their own devices for the new remote learning environment, Grant knew she needed a tool that would allow her to remotely access student and staff devices quickly to fix any issues as they arise.


Grant signed up for a free trial of Splashtop SOS. This is a remote support solution enables IT to access any attended computer, tablet, or mobile device with a session code, from any device. Splashtop SOS also gives you the option to access managed, unattended devices to provide support even without an end-user present.

“I really liked Splashtop off the bat,” said Grant, “[The Splashtop sales rep] walked through it with me, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.”

Having used LogMeIn in the past, Grant was amazed at how much easier Splashtop was to use. “LogMeIn was a little sticky sometimes where as I found Splashtop’s interface to be just wonderful,” said Grant, “Splashtop’s ease of use is incredible. I could get in and out of machines very easily.”

Splashtop’s pricing also stood out to Grant. “Splashtop is also so affordable in comparison to LogMeIn. When I saw the price comparison, I couldn’t believe it. With other products, it’s like double the cost for less. For a school, that’s stellar. We don’t have a big business budget. The affordability and what we get for it was key,” said Grant.


Grant started using Splashtop to support staff who were working from home. Any moment help was requested, even after normal work hours, Grant and her teammate Mark could provide support.

“A lot of people were working from home,” said Grant, “They were using their own devices. We were able to use Splashtop SOS to get into their computers and mobile devices, help them, and fix any problems.”

Grant found Splashtop’s admin tools in the Splashtop web console especially helpful when conducting IT work remotely.

“We could create groups and put people in certain categories so if we needed to find a certain end-user, we knew to go to that group right away,” said Grant, “The Splashtop console would also give us details about the devices like what the operating system was and when we last updated it. I could look at that to see what was completed and what needed to get done without having to bother Mark. You hover and it just gives you the information. I don’t have to go looking for it.”

In addition to Splashtop’s ease of use for the IT technicians, Grant was also impressed with Splashtop’s delightful customer service experience.

“Your support team is very helpful and accessible,” said Grant, “When I was adding a new end-user, your tech stayed with me and helped me navigate through that. So, from one tech to another, I thank them. With Splashtop, even if I don’t get it right away, they’ll stay with me and make sure it works. I appreciate that as a tech because I want to be that for my end-users.”

Looking back at the start of the shutdown, Grant is thankful she found Splashtop. “I would say your product saved us during this pandemic. That’s the truth. It was our knight in shining armor.”

Moving forward, St. Joseph’s is upgrading to Splashtop Enterprise, an all-in-one remote access and remote support solution, to give staff the ability to remotely access school computers to work from home in addition to all the remote support tools Grant currently enjoys with Splashtop SOS.

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About St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf

For more than 150 years, St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf has maximized the potential of each student through educational experiences that are purposeful, equitable and engaging. The school campus is located in the Bronx, New York where classes are held.

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“I really appreciate the Splashtop support team’s courteous nature. That’s pivotal for people in technology. I really appreciate that because it makes my job easier, so thank you.”
Adrianne Grant
Technology Coordinator
St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf